1300 years old shiva temple in Gujarat

1300 years old shiva temple in Gujarat : India is also called a mysterious land. Especially in the ancient temples here there are secrets that you can hardly see anywhere else in the world. Today we are telling you about one such temple in Bholenath, India, which is very unique. The size of Shivling here is increasing every year. It is said to be the only such Shivling in the world. This strange temple is called Matangeshwar, located in Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh. Khajuraho is very popular as a tourist destination. It has also been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you find Hindu and Jain temples.

1300 years old shiva temple

The height of Shivling is 9 meters

The height of Shivlinga in the temple here is 9 meters. Each enthusiast who comes here falls in acharya in the wake of seeing the symbol. The size of Shivlinga is expanding by one inch consistently. Temple priests and people from the tourism department measure this Shivling with a tape every year. They guarantee that this Shivling is as much over the ground for what it’s worth underneath. That is, its size remains the same on both sides whether it is above the earth or below the earth.Also called the Living Shivalinga

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According to mythology, Lord Shiva received the Panna Ratna, which Shiva gave to Yudhishthira, brother of the Pandavas. From Yudhishthira he reached Mani Matanga Rishi and gave it to King Harshavarman. King Harshavardhan buried this gem in the ground for security reasons. This gem had immense power and there was no one to take care of it. From which this Shiv Linga appeared on top of this gem. It is because of the jewel of the sage Matang that he got the name Matangeshwar Mahadev. Due to this gem the size of this shivlinga increases every year and it is because of the immense power of this gem that this shivlinga is called a living shivlinga.

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The tallest temple in Khajuraho

Situated close to Laxman sanctuary, this sanctuary is 35 feet square in shape. Its sanctum is likewise square. The entry is towards the east. The highest point of the sanctuary is multi-celebrated. This sanctuary is accepted to be around 900 to 925 AD. This Shivling is otherwise called Mrityunjaya Mahadev. Matangeshwar Mahadev Temple is viewed as the tallest sanctuary in Khajuraho.

This temple is connected with Kala Yuga

According to the priests here, this 9th century temple is associated with Kala Yuga. It is believed that the upper part of this temple is towards heaven and the lower part is towards the underworld. It is believed that when this part reaches Patala Loka, the Kalayuga will end. The acknowledgment of this sanctuary is expanding consistently and the quantity of lovers is additionally expanding. Subsequently, this sanctuary invites lovers over time, however during the long stretch of Shravan, an alternate sight of enthusiasts is seen here.

1300 years old shiva temple in Gujarat

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