5 Best Apps to Test Hardware on Android

5 Best Apps to Test Hardware on Android | When we buy a new mobile phone, we usually take a look at the hardware specifications shared by the manufacturer and depending on its reputation, we can trust it more or less. However, once with a smartphone in hand, you might want to check what the actual hardware is.

To do this process check what components are in your phone’s hardware It’s really easy to use some of these apps.

5 Best Apps to Test Hardware on Android

5 Best Apps to Test Hardware on Android

AIDA64 Download Free

Let’s start with probably the best and most complete application to identify the hardware details of your mobile and know the advanced statistics. Check Top 5 Fitness and Exercise Apps.

Available for both Android and iOS, it is capable of displaying various diagnostic information for phones and tablets, including CPU real-time clock measurement, manufacturer, screen dimensions, pixel density, camera information, Information with battery level and type, WIFI network and mobile antenna information, SoC and device model identification, memory and storage type and usage, sensor probe, etc.

Download – AIDA64 App Free [10M+ Downloads]

My Device – Device Info App Download

My Device is a complete application but easy to use, which allows you to know all the necessary details about your phone. Check Top 11 Best Women Safety Apps.

This includes all kinds of information about your system (SoC) on the chip, your device’s memory or battery technical specifications or all relevant information about your device’s sensors.

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Download – My Device – Device Info App Free Download

Device Info: System & HW Info

Device Info is an easy-to-use Android app that gives you complete and detailed information about your mobile device with an elegant user interface.

The app is packed with many features to provide all the software and hardware information of your Android device, such as CPU, RAM, Operating System, Sensors, Storage, Battery, Bluetooth, Applications, Screen, Camera, Temperature, Codec and Inputs.

Download – Device Info: System & HW Info App

Devcheck Pro APK Download

DevCheck allows you to monitor your hardware in real time and get complete information about your device model, CPU, etc. GPU, Memory, Battery, Camera, Storage, Network, Sensors and Operating System. DevCheck displays all the information you need about your hardware and operating system in a clear, precise and orderly manner with a clean layout based on Material Design.

This application differs from the previous one as it provides the most detailed information on CPU and SoC. You can also check your phone or tablet’s Bluetooth, GPU, RAM, storage and all hardware specifications including dual SIM information including details about Wi-Fi and mobile network. It also supports root users, so rooted users can search for even more information.

Download – DevCheck Pro APK Free Download

Droid Hardware Info APK Download

Droid Info is a hardware specification app for Android with detailed information about your smartphone, ranging from general device information (model, manufacturer, chipset, build number and version) to system information, memory, camera, temperature, battery and more. A lot is involved. sensor details.

In addition to being able to consult all the components of your mobile device, you will also be able to export these files to the actual specifications of your phone for comparison purposes, repair or any other use that you may need.

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Download – Droid Hardware Info App Download

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