7/12 8A Utara Online Gujarat

7/12 8A Utara Online Gujarat : Online Rights Records for various villages of Gujarat. This service is provided by Revenue Department, State of Gujarat. Users can get ror details by selecting the name of district, taluka, village and land survey number Gujarat is a state on the west coast of India with a 1,600 km (990 mi) coastline – most of Gujarat derives from the Sanskrit word Gurjardesa, meaning “land of … The earliest written record of Gujarat’s 2,000-year maritime history actually dates back to when the British settled on the coast of Gujarat. On arrival there were houses in Surat.


7/12 8A Utara Online Gujarat – Record Benefits

  • Bank loans are easily available.
  • Protects land ownership rights.
  • The app is free and takes less time to check records.
  • Acts as an important document to determine ownership in case of land disputes and lawsuits.
  • It is an important document while selling land and it helps the buyer to cross-check the details of the land.
  • Types of Land Records in Gujarat
  • The entryway gives an administration checked structure to keeping up with and refreshing area records on the web. Types of land records are-
  • VF 6 (Village Form 6) – Day-to-day changes in land records are maintained by the Village Accountant or Talati. VF is obtained by 6.
  • VF 7 (Village Form 7) – It is also known as 7/12 or Satbara Uttara. The survey number is derived from VF 7.
  • VF 8A (Village Form 8A) – It provides details of Khata
  • 135 D – It is notice of change. At the point when an individual applies for change, the Village Accountant issues 135D
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Services offered on Anyror Website

  • Urban land records
  • Rural land records
  • Online application for permission to purchase land, pay premium etc
  • Any Property Find

7/12 8A Utara Online Gujarat

AnyRor Gujarat or any records of rights anywhere in Gujarat is a software application designed to help any citizen of Gujarat by providing information related to land records. The primary objective of this online portal is to give you access to your land details, land owner name and more through 7/12 Utara (only if you are a citizen of Gujarat) Government of Maharashtra and Gujarat has been launched by Revenue Department of National Informatics Centre.

Steps to Get Documents from Anyror Portal

  • Click on “View Land Record” to check ROR (Records of Rights).
  • Select any of the following options as per your record requirement:
  • VF 7 Survey Number Details – This option is for Village Form 7 (VF 7) popularly known as 7/12 or Satbara. Select this option if you want to get Survey Number (Thasra) details of your land.
  • VF 8A Sour details – This option is to get the sour details of your land.
  • VF 6 Entry Details – Village Form 6 is a register maintained by Talati (Village Accountant) to record day-to-day changes in land records. Use this option to check login details for any changes.
  • 135 D Notice for Change – When you apply for change, Talati prepares Notice 135D (Notice of Change).
  • This notice is given to the creditors concerned, concerned parties and any other interested parties for any objections. Use this option to check any such notifications.
  • Enter your land details like District, Taluka, Village, Survey Number / Khata Number / Entry Number etc.
  • Enter the verification code (captcha) and click on the “Get Details” button to generate the desired report.
  • You can check Anyror of below districts at @anyror.gujarat.gov.in.
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A certified copy of the record of rights protects you from illegal land acquisition or grabbing

The Record of Rights is the best definitive declaration in land revenue records as it is the primary record that shows how the owner or land holder acquired rights over land and consequently records the transactions made in the Record of Rights. . Time to time. Rights are recorded in a record type, which includes the following information about all the rights granted therein.

Anyror Portal and App

Anyror Portal and App : Best method to get duplicate copy of Gujarat Old Land Property Record (7 12 Utara, 8A) using any ROR. View map, view Roar and check current owner and ownership changes. etc. Details of the change. As you have seen all government information online including any type of land records. So if you have any query about any Roar, 7/12 Nakal just write your query our team will try to solve your query as soon as possible.

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