Bharat Caller App Download

Bharat Caller App Download : Do you also want to know everything about what is Bharat Caller App in a single article. Do you want to know which is the alternative app of Truecaller and how it will protect your data.

If you have come to read this article for this reason, then today we will tell you about the Bharat Caller App in detail. Let’s know about it.


What is Bharat Caller App?

BharatCaller App is India’s indigenous free number lookup service app. This is a Caller ID app. Its function is to inform its users about calls from unknown numbers. The special feature of this app is that its data is stored in encrypted format. Also your call records, messages, and contact details are not shared with anyone. Even your personal information is not available with Kickhead Software Pvt Ltd, the manufacturer of this app. Make your personal diary for Daily thoughts, Reminder and Work schedule with My Personal Diary App.

Bharat Caller app is available in Hindi, English, Tamil, Marathi, Gujarati, Bangla, as well as other languages ​​of India. This app is also being seen as an alternative to truecaller.

When was Bharat Caller App launched?

Bharat Caller App has been launched on 15 August 2021. It is said to be a smart and secure communication app. This caller ID helps its users to identify both the name and the phone call, so that the users of BharatCaller app can easily know about the calls from unknown numbers.

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Who is the founder of Bharat Caller App?

The BharatCaller app has been developed by Prajwal Sinha, an alumnus of IIM Bangalore. The co-founder of this app is Kunal Pasricha. Let me tell you that Prajwal Sinha and Kunal Pasricha have also been winners of National Startup Awards 2020.

How to Download BharatCaller App?

Follow the given steps to install Bharat Caller app:-

  1. First of all go to Google Play Store installed in your phone.
  2. Now search for BharatCaller app there.
  3. This app will come in front of you. Now click on it and download it on your phone.

How to create an account in BharatCaller?

Follow the given steps to create ID in Bharat Caller app:-

1. First of all download the BharatCaller app in your phone and then open it.

2. Now an interface will appear in front of you. In which the option of “Get Started” will be available. Click on it.

3. In this step you will be asked for a valid phone number. In the wake of entering the telephone number, click on “Next”.

4. The number you entered. Now he will get an OTP. Proceed after entering the OTP.

5. In this step you will be asked your name. After entering the name, click on Next.

6. An interface will come to read the privacy policy of BharatCaller app. Do read it once. After that snap on “Acknowledge and Proceed”.

7. This app will now take some permission from you. After this, congratulations, your account has been created in BharatCaller app. Now you can take advantage of the features of this app.

How is Bharat Caller App secure?

Before installing any app, we all check that it is not a fake app. Is our personal data safe? So let us know how is Bharat Caller App secure?

Let me tell you that Bharat caller app is made in India up. That is, it has been completely developed in India. Its any kind of sever is not present in any other country outside India. User data is stored in encrypted formats. Also, Bharat Caller App does not access any kind of data of its users. All the engineers in this app are in Bangalore and Noida. From all this information it can be said that our personal data is completely safe in India Caller App.

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What are the features of Bharat Caller App?

BharatCaller is said to be an alternative to Truecaller. If you are don’t know about this, then let me now give you information about the features of BharatCaller.

1. Caller ID

Through Caller ID, you can easily know who is calling you. It helps in getting the call details of any number of yours.

2. Smart Call Log

BharatCaller app gives detailed information about the recent call (missed call, incoming calls, outgoing calls) including name.

3. Phone Number Search

This feature gives you the service of searching any number. Just like Truecaller has the feature of searching numbers. Similarly, in this also you can easily search any number.

4. Offline Database

This is one of the great features of BharatCaller app. You can search any unknown number and message, even without internet. This feature is available for all countries like India, USA, Egypt, etc.

Bharat Caller App Download

What are the benefits of BharatCaller App?

BharatCaller app has the following advantages

  • Powerful number database is present in this app to find the call details of unknown numbers.
  • It automatically searches the number after scanning.
  • It searches name and photo from BharatCaller id without internet.
  • It supports both signal sim and dual sim phones.
  • This is a secure app. It can be used easily.

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