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Bolkar App Download | Everyone has their own voice. Everyone wants to say something, want to question, wants to answer. Answering questions is the hallmark of every human being. Without question, perhaps no sector would have grown. It was only the questions of the primitive man that so much development took place on the earth. Thousands of discoveries were made, inventions were made and everything changed. It was this question that made everything possible. A question came in someone’s mind that how to talk to loved ones living far away? With this in mind, the telephone was invented. Similarly, every question has developed something or the other. We understand the importance of questions.

There is always something new happening in the digital world. The digital age is progressing at a rapid pace.

In this era our curiosity is also increasing. Keeping this curiosity in mind, a question and answer app was launched in India in 2020 – Bolkar App which runs in Hindi language.

Bolkar App Download

What is Bolkar app? How does it work?

Speaking is a question and answer app, which is specially made for Hindi speakers. Hindi is the only language of India. It is permissible that most of the people understand and speak Hindi. Many apps do not have Hindi facility to access the internet, due to which many Indians are not able to use internet apps. As a solution to this dilemma, the app was born by speaking. Download Our Indian Bharat Caller App, With Bharat Caller App you can easily get details about your caller and also numbers.

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What’s special about Bolkar app?

In speaking app one can easily ask questions by speaking in their own voice, in their own language (Hindi). At the same time, any person can also answer by speaking in the same way. The best feature is that it is typeless. There is no need to type so that it. Recently Our Indian App Koo Ins Launched. Koo is a similar app to Twitter.

It is easy for everyone to use. It is easy to operate for children and old people. Being in Hindi language, it is convenient for all.

To say, the app by speaking is a question and answer app, but there is a lot more in it which makes it so special.

Mentor of Youngsters – Bolkar

The Young Generation gets all kinds of advice on the app by speaking. Here experts also give advice related to relationships etc. Many youngsters are unable to tell their relationship related problems to anyone. By speaking, he can take the advice of experts by telling his problem. Here people listen and understand each other. People shy away from taking advice because it is not easy for every person to pay the fees of all these experts, but by speaking, people give opinion to each other without any fees, try to solve their problems. It has become a place where people selflessly help each other.

Every voice will be heard.

Man wants to speak his point, he has a desire that someone should listen to him too. There are many people who feel that their words are of no importance, there is no one to listen to them.

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Speaking gives importance to the voice of every user. Here everyone gets an opportunity to express their views and have their say. People show each other the right path, and guide. People share their comments on the happenings in the world.

Speaking is a social audio app that teaches people how to help each other. A fair of thoughts is held here, everyone listens and understands each other’s thoughts, due to this their thinking power also develops.

To say, by speaking, there is only an app for question and answer, but here the development of users takes place in every way. That’s why it was also awarded the Best App for Personal Growth by Google Playstore.

Everything in the speaking app can be done with your voice, so it is also helpful for people to become good speakers. It also provides freedom of speech to people who are hesitant to speak. One of the many noble objectives of this app is to promote the people of India in every field. Speaking openly is also a step towards development.

A lot of new and good happened in our country due to self-reliant India campaign. Bolkar was also prepared with the aim of making India self-reliant. It is manufactured in India, so it has been made according to the needs of Indians.

Speaking Indians’ own app has become a means to take India towards development.

Bolkar App Download

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