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Duolingo English Test App Free Download | Friends, we have brought you Duolingo app which we hope will be very useful for you to learn English from your mobile at home, so let’s get detailed information about Duolingo app.

Duolingo English Test App Free Download

Learn English with fun mini-lessons that feel like a game! Use the free app every day to snappily ameliorate your spoken English. Learn English easily and for free with the Duolingo app. With this app you can improve your English and have fun. Short lessons help you practice speaking, reading, listening and writing to improve your English vocabulary and pronunciation. Begin with fundamental expressions and sentences and learn new words consistently.

Duolingo English Test App

Features of the Duolingo English Test App

This app has approximately 120 million users worldwide, with such a huge number of downloads, we thought why not give this app a try as well that is why we have used this app to solve the biggest problem of all students which is learning another language. After using it, we felt that this language learning app should also be shared with you Free English learning app With the help of Duolingo app, learning different languages ​​has become very easy. Google Earth App Download

The work of the Duolingo English Test App

With the Duolingo app you can choose from 21 different languages ​​including common languages ​​like English, French, German, Italian and Spanish.

How to use the Duolingo English Test app?

  • When you start it, you first have to choose the language you want to teach
  • It will then process further according to the language
  • After selecting a language, it will ask you how long you want to learn the language on this app each day.
  • Now if you want to learn the chosen language from scratch or you know little about it then you have to choose one of these.
  • This app will prepare the entire setup according to the options you select
  • Once this process is complete it will take you to the test.
  • This test will pose a few inquiries connected with the language you have picked
  • Subsequent to finishing the test you will be approached to make your profile on it
  • Create your profile on it so it will save your daily practice.
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Advantages of the Duolingo English Test app


  • Duolingo doesn’t work with pictures, but with lots of images and symbols that actually have similar effects and help you remember what you’ve learned.

Good result

  • Duolingo is very easy to operate and you have a clear overview of the components and different options.

Audio voice feature

  • The phrases or words you learn are always spoken out loud. There is also recording practice to improve your speaking skills.

Ease of learning

  • If you are unsure about a word in the translation function, you can get its meaning / translation. Grammar rules are explained in almost every work.

Effective in studying

  • You can repeat certain exercises or reinforce skills already learned, helping to reinforce what you have learned.

Completely free

  • Duolingo app is a completely free app that lets you learn 21 different languages ​​without paying any money.

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Duolingo English Test App Free Download Download
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