Google find my device app download

Google find my device app download: On the app or website, you can view your smartphone’s location on a map, play a sound to find it, or even remotely wipe the phone’s data and factory reset it. This application is made by Google, it can be downloaded from play store.


What is Google Find My Device and how does it work?

The mobile whose information you want to know, first of all you should know the name and password of the Gmail id which has been entered on that mobile. Then install google find my device application in any other mobile or laptop PC. Then open it and login with that Gmail id. As soon as you login, this application will start working and you will see the screen like this. After that you can track that mobile. You can see in below image.

You can use this service provided by Google in many ways, for example, if your children are going out for a walk or out, or if someone from your family is going to an unknown place alone, then you can use your mobile phone at home. You can track them while sitting on the phone, but the thing to note is that you should know the Gmail ID that is attached to that mobile. Only then can you login to Find My Device and trace them.

Another example can also be that sometimes your phone is lost or you want to track someone close to you, then go to Google chrome browser and login to find my device. In this, enter the same Gmail id and password which you want to track.

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How to use Google Find My Device application

  • Apart from this, you get many more useful features in it.
  • Battery life of that mobile can.
  • Sos sound can be played in that mobile.You can also lock that mobile.
  • If you have personal data in mobile then you can also delete that data.

Google find my device app download

Note – But for all this to work well and to get the live location, the net of that phone should be on. If the internet of that phone is turned off, then only the last location of the phone will be shown to you.

Let us know in detail the options available in Google Find My Device, and understand what benefit we get from them.

“Play Sound”

Selecting “Play Sound” will ring at full volume if the phone is on and connected to the Internet. You must be thinking that if the phone is in silent mode then it will work or not, then tell your information that it will ring in full volume.
Let us understand in such a simple way, suppose you are sitting in the room and you have forgotten to keep your mobile somewhere else. And the phone is also silent. If you do normal calling then you will not hear any ringtone. Now you can login with that ID on Find my device application and turn on play sound to play ringtone and find easily.

“Erase Device”

If your phone is lost or stolen, and you don’t think you can get it back, select “Erase Device”. By selecting this option, the entire data of your phone will be deleted and the factory data will be reset, so that the fear of missing the use of the data you have will also end.

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“Secure Device”

You can select the “Secure device” option to prevent anyone from accessing your phone’s data. If what can be said in simple language, then with the help of this application, you can put a lock on the stolen or lost phone and can write any message on it by typing it. If you want, you can also write the mobile number. The advantage of this is that some unknown person gets your mobile and wants to contact you. So seeing your message on that locked display can reply to you and the chances of getting your mobile are high.

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If you want to download this application, then you can download it by searching from playstore, or you can also download it by clicking on the link given here below. It has more than 100 million registered users on the Play Store, and if we talk about the rating, then 4.4 stars have been given here. The size of this application is very less, it will be downloaded in just 2.2 MB, which will not waste much space of your phone.

If you want to use the web version of Google’s service, then you can use the web version by clicking on this link, for this you will not need to download any application.

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