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Groww App Download | If you are interested in share market and want to earn profit by investing money in share market, today we are going to tell you about an online trading platform, which is called Grow App. Here you can invest money in online stock market or mutual fund.

Groww App

Nowadays you must have heard from many big people that the sooner you start investing, the sooner you can secure your life as it is an important component of today’s times. Nowadays many people have also started investing. So what are you waiting for, start investing today.

Friends, nowadays everyone wants to know how to do mutual funds and investments. So keeping these questions in mind we have created this perfect post for you. Nowadays everyone wants to earn money by investing.

Because investing in Grove Mutual Funds is very easy. To invest, you just have to follow all the steps given below. So that you can know complete information about the investment. You can earn good money by investing in growing mutual funds. And who doesn’t want money these days.

What is the Groww app?

Grove app is a great trading app through which you can invest money in mutual funds and share market. This app is very easy to use.

The Grow app was launched in April 2016. Talking about the owner of Grow app, it was developed by Next Billion Technologies, it is run by its CEO Lalit Keshere and partners Harsh Jain, Ishaan Bansal and Neeraj Singh.

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Initially, Grow app was only a platform for investing in mutual funds, but in 2020, Grow app also launched stock brooking, which proved to be a very good move. With the Grove app, you can now open a demat account to invest in mutual funds, stocks, initial public offerings, digital gold and even exchange-traded funds.

More than 1 crore individuals have downloaded Grow application from Play Store, Grow application has a rating of 4.4 which has been evaluated by multiple lakh individuals. From this it can be estimated that Grove App is a popular application. On the Grove app, you can keep track of all your investments, how much the funds or shares you’ve bought have gone up or down.

How to download Groww app?

If you also want to invest in stock trading or mutual fund with the help of your mobile or mobile then Grove App is a very good option.

You can easily download the Grove app from Play Store. For this you have to install Grove app by searching for Grove app on play store.

Now you can invest in stock trading or mutual funds by creating an account on the Grove app.

To get Rs.100 bonus in Grow app, download Grow app from below link.

Account opening charges on this app

There is no charge for account creation on Groww app, here you can open your demat account and trading account without any charge. Instead, if you sign up with someone’s referral code, you will get Rs. 100 bonus is also available.

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Account maintenance charges on Groww app are also zero which means you don’t have to pay any kind of AMC charges. Intraday trading charges on Grove App are ₹20 per order.

Groww App Download

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