How to Stop Spam Emails

How to Stop Spam Emails| Gmail receives a lot of spam mails every day due to which your important emails are lost. There are 3 simple ways that you should know about to get rid of this problem.

  • Difficult to delete spam emails manually every day
  • You can mass report and unsubscribe unwanted mails
  • You can filter this mail and create delete option

Every day you will get many spam emails from random IDs in Gmail. Also newsletters and promotional emails from brands that we have never subscribed to. Deleting them one by one can be a difficult task.

But you can get rid of this problem in many ways. Here we are going to tell about some such ways that you can protect your email box from getting spammed. This way you will not miss your essential emails. Let’s find out how you can stop spam emails.


Report and unsubscribe from spam emails

Log in to Gmail and select all the spam emails you want to unsubscribe from. After that click on the topmost icon. You will see an option to ‘Report Spam’ or ‘Report Spam and Unsubscribe’.

Once again check the selected ID and if something is not important then select the option to report spam and select the option to unsubscribe.

Create a filter to detect spam emails

Open your Gmail and click on the search box at the top. Type unsubscribe here and register to unsubscribe from all promotional emails. Select all these spam emails. After this click on the 3 dots above, click on ‘Filter Message Like’.

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Now click on Create Filter option and choose what you want to do with this email. If you want this email to be deleted automatically, you can select the ‘Create a filter’ option and then select the ‘Delete it’ option. Your filter will be ready.

Use a temporary email id

Create and provide a temporary email address instead of using your primary email address everywhere is another way to avoid spam.Spam will not be sent to your primary ID as a result of this.There are numerous websites that offer free temporary email IDs.A second id can be created on Gmail itself in addition to this.which, in addition to the required work, can be provided elsewhere.

How to Stop Spam Emails

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