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Karni Mata Chalisa Download

Karni Mata Chalisa Download: Karni Mata is considered to be the incarnation of Mother Jagdamba. The famous temple of Mata is located in Deshnok, a small town in Bikaner district of Rajasthan. This temple is also called the temple of rats. Karni Mata is considered to fulfill every wish of the devotees. If the devotee recites Karni Chalisa with a true heart, all his wishes are fulfilled very soon.

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Karni Mata Chalisa Download

Introduction to Karni Mata Temple

This Karni Mata Temple is also very famous by the name of Rats Wala Temple. The grandeur of the temple is made on seeing the marble carvings here and the silver doors and gold students look very attractive. There are about 20,000 to 25,000 black rats here. As soon as you enter inside the temple, these rats start coming out from around you, even you have to drag your feet to walk many times, otherwise you will step on a rat, but these rats can kill anyone. do not harm

At the time of morning and evening aarti, the crowd of these rats is formed on sight. It is a belief that if you see a white rat among these black rats, it is very auspicious.

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Some special things about Karni Mata Temple

Thousands of devotees come to Karni Mata temple to have darshan and seek blessings from the mother to fulfill their wishes. Apart from this, this temple is also famous for its kabo (rats). According to estimates, there are more than 25000 Kaaba in this temple.

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These cabs are considered to be the children of Karni Mata. Most of the rats are of brown colour, rest only six to seven rats are of white colour. It is believed that one who manages to see white rats inside the temple is very fortunate.

It is a wonderful experience to see so many kaabas (rats) in the temple premises. Even after having such a large number of rats, they never harm any devotee.

Food is arranged for the rats inside the temple itself. Every day the servants of the temple place millet bread, fruits, pedas, cucumbers, huge bowls of milk etc. with their own hands at a predetermined place. After this all the Kaaba disciplinedly eat their food.

The body structure of these rats is not like that of ordinary rats found in the house. If a devotee visiting the temple accidentally steps on the Kaaba and dies, the devotee has to present a gold or silver Kaaba to the temple.

Karni Mata Chalisa

Karni Mata Chalisa Download

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