Link Mobile Number to Aadhar card online

Link Mobile Number to Aadhar card online : Government of India is trying to make Aadhaar card an important document. Government is creating facility to link Aadhaar card number with all documents. Government of India has also decided to link many services with Aadhaar card. Dear readers, through this article we will know about the process of how to link Aadhaar card number with your mobile number. And we will talk about its benefits in detail.


Add Your Mobile Number to Aadhar Card

It is important for all citizens of India to produce an Aadhaar card document. UIDAI can download PVC Aadhaar Card through Govt. But it is very important for every citizen to link mobile number with Aadhaar card. You also add mobile number to your Aadhaar card as it is safe to avail digital services.

So friends let’s know how to link mobile number in Aadhaar card and what are its benefits.

Benefits of adding mobile number to Aadhaar card

Indian government is making mobile number mandatory in Aadhaar card related services. Following are the benefits of linking mobile number in Aadhaar card.

  • Many services receive OTP on mobile number. For example, while filing Income Tax Return, an OTP is received on Aadhar Card Number, after which the next process is done.
  • Mobile number registration is very important to avail any Aadhaar related online service.
  • To download from UIDAI Website, OTP is sent to one’s registered mobile number.
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How to Link Aadhar with Mobile Number?

Dear Readers, Unfortunately this service has yet to go online, with security behind it. So you have to first visit the nearest UIDAI Center.

  • You have to download Aadhaar card from UIDAI Official website before visiting facility center.
  • You can find out from the Locate an Enrollment Center website of Aadhar in your area.
  • After getting the Aadhar Update/Correction Form you have to fill the mobile number linking details. For which necessary documents have to be given.
  • Aadhaar Correction form has to be given to the Aadhaar center operator, based on which your fingerprint and bio-metrics will be verified.
  • You will be given an Aadhaar card enrollment slip from the centre. Which has to be preserved.
  • Based on this sleep you can download from UIDAI website within 10 days.

Check Status Of Aadhaar Link With Mobile Number

Friends Aadhaar card services are provided online by the Government of India. You can also download Aadhaar card online. Similarly, you can also know whether the mobile number has been verified in your Aadhaar card number or not. Let’s know its step by step process.

  • First go to UIDAI of Government of India.
  • Click on My Aadhar in it.
  • In which you have to click on Get Aadhar Card.
  • In which you have to click on Check status.
  • Clicking on which will open a New Tab, in which Check Enrollment

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FAQ – Link Mobile Number to Aadhar card online

Friends get information to link mobile number in Aadhaar card. However, some of the questions that are frequently asked are as follows.

What should an Indian citizen do if he wants to link his mobile number in Aadhaar card?

  • The citizen has to visit the nearest Aadhaar assistance center with his Aadhaar card and required documents.

Is there any form required to link Mobile Number in Aadhar Card?

  • Yes, a citizen needs Aadhaar /Correction/ Update Form to link mobile number in his Aadhaar card.

How to get the name and address of Aadhaar support center?

  • A citizen can get the information of Locate an Enrollment Center in his area free of cost from the Official Website of the Government of India.

How many days can download after amendment or increase in Aadhaar card?

  • Citizens can download Aadhar from the official website in approximately 10 working days after correction or update form in Aadhaar card.

Which documents will be required to link mobile number in Aadhaar card?

  • Aadhar Correction or Update Form The applicant must take the requested document to the Aadhaar support center.

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