app download app download : Do you want to know how to make a birthday video, today I will teach you how to make a birthday video with an app.

I will tell you about an app, with the help of which you can make videos of any category, be it your wife’s birthday or sister, brother, friend’s birthday, you can make a great video for it in few minutes. You can send it to anyone or you can also keep it in your status, so let’s start this article.

However, you will find many apps and websites for making birthday videos from mobile, but today I will tell you about a very good app, which I myself use and I like that app a lot, that’s why I will tell you about it. . But I appreciate and I hope you will like this app too.

lyrical-ly-app-download app

How to make a birthday video?

The name of this app is Lyrical.Ly. You will also find this app in playstore and you can also download this app from below link and if you want to know how to use this app then you will find step by step below.

Step-1: First you have to download this app, to download you can download from above given link, you have to click on it and you have to search by typing birthday.

Step-2: Now many Templates will appear in front of you, you can play and watch whatever you like and if you want to put a photo of your friend or a birthday in it, then you have to Unlock now under that Template. . You will find a button written, you have to click on it, then a box will open, in which you will find a watch button.

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Step-3: Now rather than Unlock Now a download symbol will show up before you, you need to tap on it, presently your format will begin downloading, when

Step-4: Now you have to click on the button of Use Now, after that all the photos of your mobile will appear in front of you, after that select the photos of the person for whom you are making this video, keep in mind that you are asked to select as many photos as below. . After selecting it, you have to click on OK button and then click on Next button, after that you have to enlarge the photo according to that frame and then click on Save button.

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Step-5: After clicking on “Save” button you will see two options 1. Render 2. Watch then if you click on render option first your video will be saved, you will see the logo in the middle of the video. Show this application. i can see

Step-6: If you click on watch option then you have to watch some video ads in this app and as soon as the video ads are finished you have to stop the ads and your video making will start and now what will be made in the video, you will have someone in the video. There will be no video. No logo or banner will appear in any way

So you can select any of these two options according to you and after selecting it may take 1 to 2 minutes to create your video and save it in your mobile, till then you have to wait and then your video is yours. It will be saved in mobile and you can share it anywhere and you can also put it in your status.
the end.

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Conclusion:- I hope you like this article of mine and if you are facing any problem in using this app, you can write your problem in the comment below, we will answer each of your comment exactly and please like this article. Share it. with your friends. Please share along app download

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