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Magtapp App Download | You are the sculptor of your own life. These idols make your thinking and your thoughts because your thoughts do not understand the difference between fantasy and reality, it converts imagination into reality want to..

  • But due to money, those students are not able to study.
  • Can’t do any course.
  • You are not able to achieve your goal in your life.

For such students today we will talk about such an application whose name is Magtapp.

Magtapp is the world’s first visual browser that provides web browsing, document browsing, image dictionary, online books, video courses, games and favorite news with meaning with images at one touch.

The biggest feature of this app is its visual meaning, so that it is very easy to see, hear and understand the meaning of another language’s word with pictures in your own language. Many unique features of this app like – One Visual Meaning, Text to Speech Music Mode, One Touch Note Making, One Touch Save Anything, Personalized News Feed and Translation Function, etc. makes this app a unique app as compared to others. But from this app a user can read and understand anything.

Magtapp App

What is One Tap Visual Meaning (Meaning with Pictures in One Touch) feature?

Now there is no fear of English, now you can read and understand anything with the help of One Tap Visual Meaning. Download Our Indian Bharat Caller App, With Bharat Caller App you can easily get details about your caller and also numbers.

Suppose you are reading something online or reading a document and while reading you got stuck on any heavy English word, then in such a situation you need to copy that word and paste it in Google or dictionary to know the meaning. It is not necessary, rather you have to touch (tap) on that heavy word of English and here you will get its meaning with picture in less than 1 second so that you will be able to understand the meaning of that word immediately and make your studies more You will be able to enjoy in a good way. Recently Our Indian App Koo Ins Launched. Koo is a similar app to Twitter.

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If you want to prepare for any competitive exam like –

  • S.S.C
  • C.D.S
  • UPSC
  • C.A
  • N.D.A
  • S.S.B
  • INDIAN NAVY etc.

Courses of all exams are available here for free. And you also get all these exam books for free which you can download and read as P.D.F (Portable Document Format).

Here you get many famous newspapers for free like –

  • Dainik Jagran
  • People’s power etc.

You can download and read them for free from here, for this you do not need to pay a single rupee. Along with this, if you find yourself tired or boring while studying. So for that there are also entertainment videos which you can choose according to your choice and enjoy it.


  • With its help, you can open and view any of your document files.
  • If you click on Latest here, then all the recently created documents will be shown by you.
  • You get all the documents saved by you under the Saves option, you can see them by direct opening from there.
  • All your recently opened documents are saved in Recent option, you can view them from there.
  • Here you can also view any Excel seat and presentation by opening it.


  • Here you can convert any language to any other language according to you, if you want to convert any Hindi word to English, then for this you will click on Type Text For Translation.
  • And in this way the word or sentence written by you in Hindi will be converted into English.
  • After this, here you get the option of Camera Translate, you will click on it.
  • If you want to convert the data written in an image to another language, you can select it from the gallery.
  • Or you can convert it to any other language you want by clicking Take picture.
  • After this you will get the option of Translate All, about which we have read above.
  • After this we get the option of Voice to Voice, you will click on it, here you can convert your words or sentences to any other language by speaking.


Here you get all the facilities of Google and from this you can also use your Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, here you can read any English News Paper in Hindi.

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This web browser provides you many more facilities like –

  • You can read the content of any website in any other language according to you.
  • You can add your Google Page to Home Screen and also share it on any other social platform.
  • You can save your webpage as offline page from here or you can also save as PDF.
  • You can directly search any thing in your web page and convert it to any other language and read it.
  • You can also print your page from here and open it as a desktop site.
  • If you open a web page, then you do not even need to read it, in this you will click on the option of Play below, then it will automatically read to you all that will be written on the page.

What is the feature of ON and OFF in Magtapp?

If you are using Magtapp and want to get the meaning with picture in one touch while reading, then leave Magtapp mode ON.

Remember – if while Magtapp mode is ON, the meaning of any word is not coming in one touch with a picture, then by turning off Magtapp mode and clicking on the word copy, you will get the meaning along with the picture immediately.

If you want to copy something, make notes or translate or select something while reading, then turn off Magtapp mode.


Our mission is to bridge the worldwide language barrier by means of one touch to the picture, so that any user can increase their knowledge and skills by reading the content available on the Internet and in digital documents. Apart from this, our goal is to fulfill all the needs of a user through our app at one place.

How to download Magtapp application?

To download the Magtapp application, click on the download button given below, this app will be downloaded in your mobile, then you can easily create your account in it.

  • To download Magtapp application, you have to first go to Play Store.
  • Here you will type by typing Magtapp Application and thus this application will come in front of you.
  • You can install it by clicking on Install.

Magtapp App Download

Magtapp App Download Download
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