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NTES App Download

NTES App Download: Status of a live train: In the “Train Running Status” section: simply enter the train’s five-digit number or name into the form. Choose a travel date from the source railroad station. This will display the train’s arrival and departure times for your boarding station. Learn more information about Indian Railways trains, including real-time delays; the name of the boarding platform and the last known location.


Information on Train Live’s Running Status Train Live Status:

  • Total distance traveled by the train from its origin to its destination (in kilometers).
  • Number of the platform for boarding at each station.
  • Time estimates for all stations, including any delays.
  • total number and duration of scheduled halts.
  • Distance (in kilometers) between each planned stop.
  • Crossing all intermediate stations without stopping is required.
  • Indian Railways developed the Live Train Status system to track the precise location of passenger trains. It also provides the anticipated arrival time, names of the upcoming stations, and the anticipated departure time, making it one of the quickest and easiest ways to check your train. Traveling has become more convenient as a result of this GPS-enabled IRCTC train real-time tracking.

Status of the train on your mobile device View the current train status on your mobile device and share it with others via WhatsApp, SMS, or any other social media platform.
The National Train Inquiry System (NTES), which monitors train movements and transmits their data to websites, helplines, mobile apps, railway inquiry counters, and display boards at stations, makes this possible.

Use the money you save next time you book a train ticket or a Tatkal ticket to save money on tickets.
You can also inquire about the PNR status after checking your train’s running status. You can also use our Where is My Train feature to locate your train. You can also check the availability of seats in your train using it.

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NTES: What is it?

The National Train Inquiry System is spelled NTES. It is a system that provides travelers with real-time information about train schedules and is operated by Indian Railways. Spot your train, live station, train schedule, canceled, rescheduled, diverted, and trains between stations are just a few of its features. Find out more here.

As you can see, live train tracking is useful because it lets you know where the train is in real time and takes the guesswork out of planning your trip. You can plan a hassle-free journey by knowing the running status, whether you use NTES train inquiries directly or the app.

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Different ways to use NTES:

  • On the schedule tab, check the train schedule for the selected date.
  • Check for changes in dates or times by going to Trains > Rescheduled Trains.
  • To learn about the most recent deviations, visit Trains > Diverted Trains.
  • To learn about any canceled trips, select Extraordinary Trains > Canceled Trains.
  • To learn about all trains that travel between two stations, go to the Train B/w Station tab. 25 different types of trains can be used to filter.
  • To view all trains departing from one station to another within the next two to eight hours, tap the Live Stations tab.

NTES App Download

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