Printer App Free Download

Printer App Free Download: Most of the people still do computer work through mobile, Apps do the work of making Smartphone smart, and here I am going to tell which apps can be used for how to print from mobile.

Saving your file, document in hard copy is a better option than saving it in soft copy, because if ever the computer formats, or the folder containing the document gets deleted, it will delete your important file as well.

A better method than this can be to Save File in Online Cloud Storage, but if you do not want to store your file in online cloud storage platform and do not want to create an account in any cloud storage platform, then you can take print of File or Document. Can, and keep its hard copy with you, and this hard copy is not deleted like a computer file.

Printer App Free Download

How to remove print from mobile?

By the way, filling any form, viewing the admit card, viewing the result, etc. can be done online only, but after taking a print out of the result, admit card, you can keep a copy of it with you, because even while submitting any other exam form or form Print copy is taken,

There is no feature available to print in mobile, so to print from mobile one has to use printer app, these apps can be downloaded from play store, and no charge has to be paid.

With these apps, you can print from the phone like a computer, and multiple images can be printed simultaneously, and photos can also be edited before printing, Printer Apps All types of Wifi and USB Printer Also supports, and like a computer, you can select how many copies you want to take, and photos, pages, documents, etc. can be printed.

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How to remove print from mobile?

First of all, you have to connect your mobile to the Printer, if you have a USB printer, then you can use USB Cable, and if you have a WiFi Printer, then turn on the WiFi in the mobile.

When you connect the printer, after that you will have to download and install NokoPrint App in the device, here Not Selected will appear next to Printer, click on it, here Wifi, Bluetooth, USB icons will appear.

WiFi – If you have a WiFi Printer, then the name of your printer will appear here, which you can click on.
Bluetooth – By clicking on the icon with Bluetooth, you can see and connect your Bluetooth Printer here.
USB – Clicking on this USB Icon will show your USB printer here, and you can connect it.

After this your printer will start appearing in this app, here options like Photos, Images, Documents, Web Pages etc. will appear.

  • Photos Images – If you want to take a print out of any of your photos, then you can select your photo or image from this option.
  • Documents – If you want to print any of your documents, then you can select that document from here.
  • To print web pages, you can write the URL of that web page here.

When you select any of your Photo or Document, it will appear in this app, to make changes in it, click on the Setting Icon, Print Setting will be visible in it, as it is found in the computer.

  • Copies – How many copies of Print do you want to print, that is, how many pages you want to print a photo or document, you can select as many Copies from here.
  • Pages – In this only All option can be left selected.
  • Multi Page Printing – In this, Singly will be selected, if you want to print 2, 4, 6 photos on 1 page, then you can select 2 in 1 from here, and can do Multiple Page Printing according to you.
  • Double Sided Printing – If you want to print a page from both sides, then you can select Manually by changing the option of One Side Only.
  • Size Layout Option – From this the size and layout of the paper can be selected, in this you get options like Images Per Page, Image Size, Image Scaling, Margin etc. which can be selected accordingly.
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Mobile Print Apps

There are many mobile print apps on the Internet, from which any text, image can be printed in a few minutes, and printing can be done by connecting the phone to the USB OTG cable, so that you do not have to use the computer. It happens, only Printer and Mobile are necessary.

Epson iPrint App

It is a good app to print from Android Phone and Tablet at any time and from anywhere, in this app you can print Photos, PDF, Microsoft Office Word and Excel File, etc. Select whether you want to show Border or not. Can do, the quality of the copy extracted from it is also good.

Printer App Free Download

Mobile Print is the best app to print from mobile, in this multiple images can be printed simultaneously, in this the text can be written on the image and it can also be cropped.

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