Top 11 Best Women Safety Apps

Top 11 Best Women Safety Apps: Various governments and companies and social service organizations have launched mobile apps to promote the increasing crimes against women and women safety in India. In this article, we have told about some mobile apps made for women’s safety and their features.

In the present time, criminal cases are being seen against women, in such a situation it is very important to find ways to protect them. In the twenty-first century, when technology is everywhere, how can this sector remain untouched by it. Various companies and social service organizations have launched mobile apps for the safety of women.

With the assistance of these versatile applications, ladies can anticipate help at any second in the difficult situation. Most mobile apps allow you to send messages to the number you entered with just the press of a button. Apart from this, this mobile app made for the safety of women is also equipped with various modern features. Let us know about some mobile apps made for women safety and their features.


Safetipin App Review :

The app continuously reviews users’ location with GPS (GPS-Global Positioning System) and features a one-touch alert service to emergency numbers as well as nearby safety locations during emergencies. I also tell. The app is available in Hindi, English, and Spanish languages ​​and on Android phones.

Women’s Security App :

Most of the security apps offer instant messaging service to emergency numbers. But with this app the user can record 45 seconds of voice and send it as a message to the emergency number.

Shake2safety App :

This is one of the women safety apps which is designed to get help in some critical situations. Through this app SOS messages can be sent to predefined contacts by simply shaking the phone or pressing the power button 4 times. However, the phone shaking option can be activated or deactivated by the users at any time. In a situation where the user is unable to operate the phone effectively, the app is very useful as it is very easy to trigger an emergency message.

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bSafe App Download :

This app informs the user (women) about the live location to his guardian and friends to ensure his safety. User can avail SOS service in emergency situations which sends messages along with GPS location to all emergency contacts.

Watch over me App :

Location tracking is the most important link in ensuring the safety of women. The location tracking of the person using this app can be done easily. Selected contacts can know the user’s location using the app and the user can also specify the time allowed to track their GPS location.

If the user has failed to ‘check in’ at the designated location at the pre-specified time, the app will notify the contacts about it. Also, during stress conditions, the user can record everything through the phone’s camera by simply shaking his/her phone to record everything. It also notifies users when entering an area with a high crime rate.

Smart 24×7 App :

This app sends user’s message (SOS messaging service) to preferred contacts in problematic situations. The app has a panic button in case of emergency, pressing which can send a message to the contacts immediately.

Chilla App :

It is the most innovative women safety app that activates SOS message when users shout in distress situations and automatically sends alert messages to pre-defined contacts with users location. To use this app, the user has to press the power button five times, then this app sends SOS messages to his family members.

Secure APK Download :

This app sends emergency messages to family and friends in emergency situations. The user just needs to double-tap the app icon then sends the alert message to the user’s pre-defined contacts in the form of SOS message.

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Stay Secure App :

Like other security apps, this app provides emergency messaging in emergency situations. To use this app, the user just has to press the power button 5 times, then the app sends alert messages to emergency contacts.

In addition, users can use SOS, an SMS service that sends messages to up to five contacts, for free.

Taxipixi App Download :

This app provides reliable and reliable transport facility to solo travellers. It provides cab service at cheap fares in places where public transport is difficult to get. The specialty of this app is that it works well without internet or even in bad internet service.

Indra Shakti Mobile App Download :

This app is a very useful app designed for the safety of women. Once downloaded, this app also works offline. In this, as a safety feature, the woman has to enter the mobile numbers of four people. It has two options for use in emergency.

First, when required, turn on the app and press the ‘Press’ button. On pressing the button, calls and messages will be sent to the number entered automatically. Second, if the woman or the user is not in a position to unlock the mobile, then she should press the power button of the mobile thrice, this will call the numbers entered as well as send a message seeking help.

Most notably, in both the options, along with the message, the location of the person in trouble is also sent along with the message. It tends to be downloaded free of charge from Google Play Store. It has been dedicated to former Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi and named after her.

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