Top 5 Short video app in India

Top 5 Short video app in India : In today’s time, social media is a popular tool where photos and videos are posted. If you are a YouTuber or make videos on Instagram, Facebook, these Android apps can be very useful in editing your videos. Today we will tell you about some such video making software Bananawala with the help of which you can edit videos.

If you want to make videos, you can download Photo Video Maker with Song app, which is mentioned below.

Gone are the days when you only record video on a digital camera or DSLR. Today, all this is easily done with a smartphone.

You can do very good video editing with the help of below mentioned video maker app.

On the Play Store, you will find many video maker apps/software for editing videos, but which of them are the best video editor apps? With which you can do good editing?

The app is also very easy to use and is also free. There are many questions in the mind of such users.


1. Kine Master App

Kine Master app is the best video editing app, if you don’t know how to edit or you are learning new things, then this app is perfect for you.

You can download kinemaster app or download kinemaster apk app from play store from below link.

If we talk about the tools of Kine Master app, here you get very good tools like effects, trim, background change, background music, chroma key.

You can also preview your edited video in the Kine Master app.

Here you can add unlimited audio tracks, texts, images, handwriting and strikers to the background.

With Kine Master, you can likewise make recordings from photographs by adding any sound track. Which is very popular nowadays.

Editing videos in Kine Master can seem a bit difficult at first, until you understand its features.

Below are the features of Kine Master, if you understand all these, you can edit videos like a pro with the help of Kine Master app.

Kine Master app download is absolutely free but its free version shows watermark created with Kinemaster app.

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How to Use KineMaster App [How to Run KineMaster App]

Here you are told about 5 features of Kine Master, what features are used.

With their help, you will quickly learn to edit using Kinemaster.

2. Media

After opening this, you will see media option, from there select any photos or videos you want to edit.

Here you can also select more than one photo or video, which you want to edit.

While adding media, the selected photo or video starts appearing on the screen, then the layer option comes handy.

2. Level

As you continue to use video editing software, you’ll find that layers work in all of these.

As soon as you click on the layer option, you will see 5 options-

Media: With this you can add any photo or video other than the main video.

Effect: Here you get a lot of effects, the most useful of which is blur.

Overlay: Here you can add clip art which is a great feature.

Text: If you want to add any text to your video, you can do it from here.

Handwriting: With the help of this feature you can also draw a circle or an arrow in the video.

3. Audio

As you may have understood this audio feature from the name itself, in this you can add any mp3 audio stored in your phone to your video.

You can likewise add your recording which is put away in the telephone.

4. Voice

You can also add your live voice from here. (edit)

Having different audio in different scenes of your video makes your video very good and effective.

Along with this, you also get a recording option where you can record your voice and add it.

Click on Download to download Kine Master Apps.

3. Funimate App

This is an Android video editor app that is not very popular. In this you can make slow motion videos, lip-sync videos, music videos.

This app is a perfect app for Tiktok maker. Cool effects, music, text, emoji etc. on Funimate app. There are options available that give your video a better look.
Features of the Funimate App

  • Can add music to video
  • Can create short videos
  • Can give a cooling effect
  • Can also add emoji, text
  • Videos can be merged, cut, trimmed
  • More than 15 video effects are available
  • Easy to use.
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4. FilmoraGo – free video editor

If you are looking for the best app for your video editing, which has all the features and is simple too, then FilmoraGo is a great app.

FilmoraGo is a powerful video editing application. You get many features in this. In this, you can combine two videos to make one video.

You can also create video from photos very easily.

Feature of FilmoraGo app

  • Here you get an easy to use dashboard
  • Along with slow motion videos, reverse videos can also be created.
  • There is a choice to add energized text.
  • You can also preview with editing

5. Adobe Premiere Rush

You can get this app for free on Google Play Store and if you want to edit on adobe premiere rush for pc then you will get this app.

After downloading you need to sign in to adobe premiere rush. Then you can use it.

It is easy to use, editing can be done very well by adding many videos, adding effects provided in the app.

In this application available for mobile, where you are editing videos in a small device. In such a situation, you don’t have much option, but all the features useful for you are available in it.

With the help of this app, one can also add sound and video effects separately to the video.

So far more than 500 thousand users have installed this app on their phones from Google Play Store.

Features of Adobe Premiere Rush

  • This application is extremely simple to utilize.
  • This application is likewise accessible for PC.
  • You can edit using different tools, effects and music.
  • Slow speed feature is available.
  • A video can also be made of photos.

5. ViVa Video App

You must have seen editing videos from Vivo Video software at one point or another as it is a very popular application.

Viva Video Songs Editor is very popular for creating short videos. You can create great short videos for social media from the app.

Features of Viva Video

  • After editing, you can share directly on social media.
  • Video clips can be merged.
  • Can add Mp3 song.
  • Lots of filters available, text input, slow speed.

Top 5 Short video app in India

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