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When does the leader who won the election become the MLA? – Gujarat assembly election results will be announced in the coming counting hours. This time 1621 candidates have entered the election fray on 182 seats. Generally it is not easy for any leader to get mandate to contest election from a party and fill the form and win by campaigning hard against the rival candidate. That is why as soon as the election results are announced, the candidate and his supporters start celebrating the victory. But if we follow the election process as per the constitution, the winning candidate does not become the MLA only after the election result. A winning candidate has to go through four types of process to become an MLA.

When does the leader who won the election become the MLA?

Official declaration of result

Discussions in the media and in public about a candidate’s probability of winning or losing usually start around 11 am on the day of counting. By afternoon, in many seats, the difference between the number of votes received by the two candidates is considered to be a definite victory or defeat. But the election results are sealed only when the returning officer present at the counting center officially announces the name of the winning candidate.

Certificate of Returning Officer

After the declaration of victory, a certificate is required rather than a celebration for the winning candidate. A certificate is issued by the returning officer, the highest returning officer, where the counting of votes took place. It contains information such as the name of the winning candidate, the name of his party or if independent, the details of the seat from which he won the election and the votes obtained. This certificate is the government proof of victory for the winning candidate.

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Proof of winning has to be given in the secretariat

The winning certificate issued by the returning officer is very useful for the candidate. With this certificate, the candidate has to reach the Legislative Assembly Secretariat within a certain time frame. Where he has to deposit this certificate as proof of his victory.

Swearing in by the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly

If the entire assembly is elected, the winning candidate in the first meeting nominates a person to conduct the meeting. It is called pro tem speaker. Who administers the oath of MLA to the winning candidate. In by-elections, this work falls to the Speaker of the Legislative Assembly. A person officially becomes an MLA only after signing a document from the Legislative Assembly Secretariat after taking the oath. A winning candidate does not enjoy the benefits of being an MLA until he takes oath.

When does the leader who won the election become the MLA?

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