Domicile Certificate Gujarat 2023: Application form, Documents and Apply Online -

Domicile Certificate Gujarat 2023: Application form, Documents and Apply Online

Domicile Certificate Gujarat 2023: Application form, Documents and Apply Online: Friends, you must have heard the term “Domicile Certificate” many times. But what is it? And why is it used? There may not be correct information about it. In today’s “Domicile Certificate” article we will get answers to all your questions in Gujarati language.


What is Domicile Certificate?

The certificate certified by the government that you are a Gujarati or your hometown is Gujarat is called Domicile Certificate.

Why Domicile Certificate is required?

When you want to take admission in a government or private college or university in the state of Gujarat, you are selected before students from other states. In which you have to provide a domicile certificate to prove that you are a Gujarati or your hometown is Gujarat.

Where are the benefits of domicile certificate?

If you have Domicile Certificate – in Gujarat, you can get the following advantages/benefits.

  • Domicile certificate is used to get admission in an educational institution, when students have parents who are employed.
  • Domicile certificate is used to apply for specific scholarship schemes and quotas.
  • Domicile certificate is very useful for applying for state government jobs.
  • Your state is considered permanent government proof of your residence.

What is the Eligibility Criteria for obtaining Domicile Certificate?

People living in the state of Gujarat, who want Domicile Certificate, should consider the following Eligibility Criteria.

  • The applicant himself should be a resident of Gujarat
  • Who was born in Gujarat and should have lived in Gujarat for at least ten years.
  • Applicant should have proof of owning land or any immovable property in Gujarat
  • A woman from another state married to a permanent resident of Gujarat will also be considered valid
  • Any person/his family member who is engaged in regular government service of Gujarat can apply for Domicile Certificate.
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Where to apply for Domicile Certificate?

You will get the PDF File of Application Form from Digital Gujarat Portal by downloading it, filling the information, attaching the required supporting evidence and submitting this application form in the Public Service Department or local Talati office in the Mamlatdar office of that area.

Required Forms to Apply:

  1. Annexure – 1/37 (Application for Obtaining Domicile Certificate)
  2. Annexure – 2/37 Applicant’s personal reply
  3. Appendix – 3/37 Panchnama
  4. Annexure – 4/37 Affidavit
  5. Checklist (Item No. 37) to be submitted with the application
  6. Issue no. 37 Checklist for Obtaining Certificate of Age, Residence, Entitlement

For Offline Applications:

  • Go to the nearest Tehsildar Office, Revenue Office, or Municipal Office. Get the hard copy of the application form, fill it out with the necessary information, and then send it in with all of the necessary documents. The applicant can also print out the application form from the website, manually fill it out, sign the declaration, paste a photo, and bring it to the office along with all of the required documents. The fee must be paid. The application will be checked by the Circle officer, VAO, or Revenue Inspector. After all of the documents have been checked, the domicile certificate will be sent to the registered address.

Time of Processing: A time of 15 days is expected for handling (On the web) a Residence Testament in Gujarat.

Validity: In the case of permanent residence, the domicile certificate is valid for life.

How to Apply Online for Domicile Certificate?

  • To apply online to get domicile certificate first you have to open Digital Gujarat portal
  • In the main page that will open, tick the option named Services in the Menu
  • Under which tick the option called Citizen Services
  • A list will open below, tick on the Domicile Certificate option
  • In which you will see 3 menus below Download Form, Payment, Apply Online in which you can proceed according to your convenience.
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Where are the Documents for Domicile Certificate?

You need the following documents to issue Domicile Certificate

  • Applicant’s face-to-face response
  • The name
  • Affidavit
  • Proof of Residency (Gram Panchayat/Municipal Tax Bill/Light Bill/Telephone Bill)
  • Roshancard
  • Proof of Birth (School Leaving Certificate or Birth Certificate)
  • Evidence of last 10 years of residence (Studies / Employment / Voter List / PAN Card)
  • Certificate of Immovable Property held in Gujarat State.
  • Hypothesis: 1 Evidence of study done so far.
  • An instance of when your parent/guardian has been employed/business/occupation
  • An example of good conduct
  • Certificate of not involved in any crime from police station of your area (original copy to be submitted)

Domicile Certificate Gujarat 2023: Application form, Documents and Apply Online

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