Assistance For New Units Of Horticultural Crop Processing 2023: Apply Online -

Assistance For New Units Of Horticultural Crop Processing 2023: Apply Online

Assistance For New Units Of Horticultural Crop Processing 2023: Apply Online : Support for new units of possession of horticultural crops to promote horticulture i-khdut portal

Various schemes are run by the state government for different sections of the society. Online portal is run by different departments of Gujarat state.


Assistance For New Units Of Horticultural Crop processing

More than 60 schemes for the welfare and development of farmers are put up on the online iKhedoot portal by the horticulture department. Assistance has been implemented for new horticultural crop processing units to increase production to farmers. The government has implemented this Assistance For New Units Of Horticultural Crop Processing with the aim of encouraging farmers and farmers to cultivate horticulture. Who will benefit from this scheme? How to get and how much subsidy is given?,

Purpose of the scheme

This scheme is implemented for the farmers by the Horticulture Department. In Gujarat, it is decided to provide subsidy to the farmers for setting up new plantation units.

Advantages of the new unit of processing

Cultivation of horticultural crops requires a lot of equipment. Many farmers cannot afford the cost, which is why they avoid horticulture. At that time, assistance is given from the government to encourage more and more farmers to jump into horticulture. Out of which equipment such as boiler, cutter, dryer, packing machine etc. will have to be purchased by the farmers. This scheme is very beneficial for the farmer as the cost is reduced.

Eligibility for the Program

  • A number of programs for farmers have begun accepting applications online on the iKhedut Portal 2022. which provides farmers with assistance in the unit scheme for the production of compost. To receive the benefits of this program, farmers must meet a number of requirements. which are listed below.
  • ought to be a state citizen.
  • These programs will be beneficial to small, marginal, female, Scheduled Caste, General, and other farmers who are beneficiaries.
  • The scheme will be beneficial to the individual, farmer, producer farmer group, cooperative, or corporate sector.
  • The agriculture department sets the goal. Therefore, within its limitations, the online application will be accepted on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Only once in a lifetime will you be able to get this help.
  • To receive the benefit, applicants must submit an online application through the khedut portal.
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Documents required for the scheme

The purpose of the Ikhedut Portal is to provide Gujarati farmers with benefits from the program. where various farmer schemes’ online forms are filled out. Assistance for new horticultural crop possession units The online application for the scheme requires the following documents.

  • Example of a caste by a competent authority (only applicable to Scheduled Tribes and Scheduled Castes)
  • Disability Certificate from Competent Authority (only for PWDs)
  • Copy with signature of gram sevak
  • Barcoded ration card

How to Online Apply Assistance for New Units of Horticultural Crop Processing?

State farmers receive funding for brand-new processing facilities for horticultural crops. This subsidy program requires an online application through the Ikedut Portal. Ranchers can apply online from the PC administrator of their town panchayat. Farmers can submit applications online from home. Therefore, let’s obtain its comprehensive data.

  • In the “Google Search” box, friends of farmers should first type “ikhedut portal.”
  • From the Google search result, visit the official website at
  • Click on “Scheme” after opening the Khedoot Yojana website.
  • which should open the “Horticultural Schemes” section on rank three after clicking on the scheme.
  • After opening “Horticulture Schemes,” it will display a total of 49 plans for the years 2022 and 2023. As of December 27, 2022, one must select “Assistance for new unit of possession of horticultural crops” in this section. After reading everything, open the website by clicking “Apply.”
  • Are you currently a farmer applicant registered? In which, if the registration was done earlier, the answer is “Yes,” and if it was not, “No,” further action must be taken.
  • After entering the applicant’s Aadhaar card and mobile number, the Captcha Image must be submitted if the applicant registers.
  • Fill out the online form by selecting “No” if the beneficiary has not yet registered on the Ikhedut Portal.
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Online Application Form

The farmer has to save the application after filling the information completely accurately in the online application form.

  • The beneficiary farmers have to check the details again and confirm the application.
  • Once the online application is confirmed, there will be no correction of any kind.
  • Finally, the farmer can get the print based on the application number.

Assistance For New Units Of Horticultural Crop Processing 2023: Apply Online

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