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Commercial Pilot Talim Sahay Yojana: Eligibility, Required Documents and Online Apply: All People! read this article till the end so that if not you this information will be useful to someone else, in this article we will know what is Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana? here i shall explain you all about Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana.


What is the Loan Assistance Scheme for Commercial Pilot Training License?

Under Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana a loan of Rs.25.00/- lakhs with an interest rate of 4% to the students willing to undergo training for commercial pilot license due to the poor economic and social condition of Scheduled Castes. will be given.

Loan repayment time under Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana

Loan recovery will be started after one year from the date of disbursement of loan to the beneficiary. The beneficiary will have to pay back the loan in 10 years with principal and interest in 2 years, total amount including interest in 12 years. Accordingly, the monthly installment amount will be calculated and recovered. If the applicant defaults in regular repayment of the loan sanctioned, a penal interest at the rate of 2.5% per annum will be charged against the outstanding installments. In case of default in payment of penalty installments, all the costs and other costs of recovery of the sheet and the balance will be recovered from the Revenue together.

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Eligibility and Conditions for Loan Assistance Scheme for Commercial Pilot Training Licence

A person who wants to avail the benefit under Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana should fulfill these eligibility and conditions, only then the benefit of this scheme will be availed.

  • Beneficiary should be native of Gujarat state.
  • Candidates who wish to pursue Commercial Pilot License Training should have passed Matriculation or Higher Secondary School Certificate or its equivalent examination.
  • A candidate should possess all the academic and technical as well as required qualifications specified by the institute in which he/she wants to undergo training for admission to the Commercial Pilot License training course.
  • The country/abroad institution providing such training should have obtained the conditions laid down for the admission of the trainee and all the necessary documents for such training such as medical certificate fitness certificate etc.
  • The institute in which the trainee receives his training abroad must be approved by the government of his country for imparting such training and the commercial pilot license obtained after such training must be accepted in that country, after which the trainee must undergo a legal process of one year to get that license accepted in India. Must be completed inside.
  • If any of the relatives of the candidate desiring to undergo such training are living abroad, the trainees should not be sponsored for financial responsibility by them.
  • The trainee should actually start the training within one month from the date of disbursement of the loan amount. Also a quarterly report by the trainee on the progress of his training; The training should be obtained from the institution and submitted to the Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare, Gujarat State, Gandhinagar.
  • The assistance will be sanctioned only after receipt of consent letter from the training institution for admission of the candidate, the trainee will have to submit the cost estimates for his training obtained from that institution.
  • After completion of training the beneficiary will have to render his services in India for a minimum period of five years. If they settle abroad, the entire amount of such assistance will have to be returned to the Government of Gujarat with interest. There will be no relaxation in this.
  • The amount provided under this scheme will be limited to the amount actually required for training.
  • The amount for training in India will include tuition fees and other incidental expenses. The decision of the Director, Scheduled Caste Welfare in this matter shall be final.
  • The amount of assistance will be paid at the rate of exchange fixed by the Reserve Bank of India while disbursing the amount under this scheme to the trainees who wish to undergo training abroad. And the allowances of the trainees will also have to be approved by the Reserve Bank. Loans can be sanctioned only to the extent that the Reserve Bank approves training fees, subsistence allowance (for a maximum of six months) and allowances for start-up equipment.
  • The applicant will be free to repay the loan amount before the due date.
  • If the applicant uses this loan for any other purpose, the loan amount will be recovered with penal interest from the date of repayment.
  • The beneficiary has to furnish two suitable sureties.
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Documents required to apply for Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana

Friends who wish to submit an application for the Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana require the following documents. You won’t be able to take advantage of this scheme until then.

The applicant’s Aadhaar card An example of the family’s total annual income Proof of Residence (Any Electricity Bill, License, Lease Agreement, Election Card, or Ratification Card) The applicant’s caste or sub-caste

  • Example of dropping out of school
  • SSC OR Marksheets/Certificates of previous studies
  • Basis of Property of Guarantor-1 (Extracts of 7/12 – Index)
  • Valuation certificate of property of bailee-1
  • Basis of property of bailee-2 (Extracts of 7/12 – Index)
  • Valuation certificate of property of bailee-2
  • Acknowledgment letter (on fixed stamp of Rs. 50)
  • Annexure-D Student’s Affidavit
  • Annexure – Example of Eligibility for Repayment of Loan
  • Passport (if training abroad)
  • Visa (if training abroad)
  • Will serve in India for at least five years after completing training abroad. Submitting a written guarantee to that effect (on stamp paper of ₹.100)
  • Annexure – C Specimen of surety bond
  • Copy of first page of Bank Passbook / Canceled Check (in applicant’s name)

How to Apply in Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana Yojana?

Friends who want to apply for Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana, you can apply by following the below mentioned process.

You can also apply for Commercial Pilot Talim Loan Sahay Yojana by yourself which you can apply on esamajkalyan portal or you can apply online by going to your nearest CSC center where they operate online.

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Commercial Pilot Talim Sahay Yojana

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