MA Amrutam card hospital list Gujarat

MA Amrutam card hospital list Gujarat : At present, a terrible epidemic like Corona has disrupted the lives of all people. Many individuals lost their lives in the second flood of Corona. And people who did not have the facility of money had to bear a lot of trouble. But still many people don’t know that “Chief Minister Amritama and Vatslya Yojana:” has been implemented in Gujarat government. So let’s know about this plan.

MA Amrutam card hospital list

Chief Minister Amritham Yojana

“Mukhya Mantri Amritham Ma Yojana” has been implemented since 2012. The scheme was meant for the families living below poverty line (BPL). But in 2014, this scheme was extended to middle class families like “Mukhyamantri Vatslya Yojana” for a family of 5 persons. Duplicate driving license Gujarat online

Many poor families have got a lot of help under this scheme. And they can get their relatives free treatment in government or private hospitals. Documents required for new Ration card apply in gujarat.

Eligibility of Chief Minister Amrutam Yojana

  • This Chief Minister Amrutam “Maa” Yojana benefits the Below Poverty Line (BPL) families living in Gujarat.
  • “Maa Vatsalya” card scheme benefits middle class families whose annual income is less than 4 lakhs are eligible for this scheme.
  • The benefit of “Maa Vatsalya” scheme is eligible for health workers Class-III and Asha Worker (ASHA) sisters working in Gujarat Government Health Branch from the year 2018.
  • The benefits of this scheme are those who are above 60 years of age who come under the category of senior citizens and whose annual income is more than 6 lakhs. All those people are eligible to benefit from this scheme.
  • All the state government employees working in any branch of the state for a fixed period of 5 years are eligible to get the benefit of Maa Vatsalya Yojana.
  • All the accredited journalists in Gujarat get the benefit of this scheme.
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Aadhaar Proof for Chief Minister Amritham Yojana

  • For Ma card, the families coming in BPL will have to submit BPL documents from the Talati Mantri of the village.
  • Ration card with barcode (rationing card includes more than 5 persons)
  • The benefit of this scheme is available to more than 5 persons of the family only.
  • Example of annual income of the family.
  • Attested copy of Aadhaar card of all the 5 persons in the family to be benefited.
  • Certificate from Medical Officer of Primary Health Center for Asha girls if they are working in village.
  • Certificate from Urban Health Officer for Asha Behnos if they are serving in urban area.
  • All fixed employees Class-3 and Class-4 serving in the State Government, their appointment letter and certificate from the Head of the concerned office.
  • For journalists, they have a certificate as a journalist recognized by the Information Department.

How much revenue is required for Chief Minister Amritham Yojana?

  • BPL families get benefits for CM Amritham Yojana, which does not require income.
  • There is an annual income limit of 4 lakhs for “Ma Vataslya” scheme. Enrollment will be valid for 3 years only.
  • maa card online apply gujarat (apply for card in)
  • To take advantage of this scheme, the villagers have to go to the Taluka Health Office in their Taluka. After submitting all the documents, they issue the card.
  • Centers for Ma Card have been set up at most Primary Health Centres/Community Health Centres. You can get your Ma Card from there too.

List of CM Amritham Yojana card diseases

All the hospitals which have an agreement with the government get treatment under this scheme.

  • For cancer.
  • For all heart related diseases (bypass surgery, angiography, stent-spring placement)
  • All kidney related diseases.
  • All diseases of brain and spinal cord.
  • Serious accident N for his injuries.
  • 9 (up to 3 years of age only) for any disease in newborns
  • Treatment in case of burns or scalds.
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maa card online apply gujarat (apply for card in)

  • To take advantage of this scheme, the villagers have to go to the Taluka Health Office in their Taluka. After submitting all the documents, they issue the card.

Chief Minister Amrutam Yojana Note-

  • In this scheme, the patient gets all expenses free from the government, in which the government bears all the expenses of the patient, including hospital charges, laboratory charges, surgery charges, diagnostic charges and medicines, when they are admitted to the hospital. And the patient is given 300 rupees as fare to go to the hospital.
  • In this scheme, the amount of expenses incurred by the patient is paid directly to the hospital by the government, the patient does not have to pay any kind of money.
  • In this scheme, Ma Card was also implemented from 12-5-2021 for the treatment of Corona from the state. In which the patients who are undergoing treatment for Corona can also use the Ma Card.
  • The hospital in which the patient is undergoing treatment can get free treatment up to 50,000, which includes things like medicines, laboratory, injection, doctor’s charge.

Maa Card Helpline Number Gujarat

  • For more information about the scheme you can contact Taluka Health Office.
  • For urban areas, you can contact the Urban Health Center.
  • Chief Minister Amritham “Ma” and “Ma Vataslya Yojana” Toll Free Number 1800-233-1022

MA Amrutam card hospital list Gujarat

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