Sakhi One Stop Centre Scheme | સખી વન સ્ટોપ સેન્ટર યોજના -

Sakhi One Stop Centre Scheme | સખી વન સ્ટોપ સેન્ટર યોજના

Sakhi One Stop Centre Scheme | સખી વન સ્ટોપ સેન્ટર યોજના : Various schemes have been implemented by Ministry of Women Child Development Department, Government of India. Under which One Stop Center Scheme has been started from August 2016 to provide immediate shelter and integrated services to women victims of violence in all states. ‘Sakhi One Stop Center Yojana’ has been started at every district headquarters of the state. Under this scheme, OSC centers are functioning 27×7 hours and 365 days to serve women.


About One Stop Center – Sakhi

Under the Department of Women and Child Development, Government of India, various departments work for the empowerment, protection and development of women in each state. In which many schemes are being monitored and run by women in the state of Gujarat by WCD Gujarat- Mahila ane Bal Vikas Vibhag. Like 181 Women Helpline, Vidhva Sahay Yojana, Vahali Dikari Yojana, Sakhi One Stop Center etc. Sakhi One Stop Center for Women is open 24×7. This center provides shelter and counseling to women victims of any violence from any place.

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Purpose of Sakhi One Stop Center Scheme

Women can take advantage of this service if they are victims of violence in any public or private place. The main objective is to provide all the facilities that a woman victim needs under one umbrella. One Stop Center provides immediate medical treatment, legal guidance and assistance, police assistance to women. Apart from this, psychological counseling is provided. Temporary shelter is provided on an immediate basis in cases where a woman victim of violence does not have accommodation.

What facilities are available at Sakhi One Stop Center?

Women victims of any kind of violence, anywhere in Gujarat, can avail a range of services free of charge at the Sakhi One Stop Centre. Which are as follows.

  • Women victims of violence are given immediate medical assistance.
  • Women are provided with free legal aid and legal guidance.
  • Sakhi Center provides police assistance in cases of violence against women
  • Counseling is done to the afflicted women who come to the center.
  • Free accommodation is provided for up to 5 days in case the aggrieved woman does not have accommodation. Where women are also given free meals
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Who can benefit from Sakhi One Stop Centre?

In the One Stop Center scheme, women who are victims of any kind of violence in public place, private place or family place can take advantage of this center. There is no discrimination of caste, caste, religion to avail this service. A woman can avail the services of Sakhi One Stop Center Scheme irrespective of her marital status, educational qualification or age. Women victims of the following violence can take advantage of the Sakhi One Stop Center scheme.

  • domestic violence
  • Physical violence
  • Sexual violence
  • Mental violence
  • Acid attack
  • Unethical business of women
  • Victims of any other form of violence

Outline of ‘Sakhi’ One Stop Center Scheme

The Ministry of Women and Child Development Department (WCD) of the Government of India has planned to operate One Stop Center-Sakhi Yojana in every state of the country. One Stop Center (OSC) is to provide comprehensive upliftment of victimized and exploited women.

According to the One Stop Center Guidelines, the Center provides all kinds of help to women victims of violence at home, in the society or at the workplace. The center will provide medical services, psychological counselling, legal guidance, police services, shelter and institutional support. Women and girls are victims of physical, sexual, emotional, psychological and economic violence in the society. Due to which acid attack, witch practice, female feticide, domestic violence, workplace violence etc. are seen in the society. All types of help will be provided from one place.

The one stop center also provides transportation facility to any woman to go to any place. Apart from this, 181 Mahila Abhayam helpline vans are also taken for immediate rescue of women affected by violence and to take them to a safe place.

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The center also provides assistance to girls/adolescents who have been prosecuted under the Juvenile Justice (Care and Protection of Children) Act-2000 and the Protection against Sexual Exploitation of Children Act-2012.

A procedure for dealing with the problem of victimized women

Efforts are being made to solve the problems of the victimized women who come to the Sakhi One Stop Center. The problem of victimized women is known. The information is kept strictly confidential. The following working methods are adopted by this center to overcome the problems of women.

  • All the services of ‘Sakhi’ One Stop Center are free for women victims of any violence.
  • Sympathetic treatment of the afflicted woman at the Sakhi Centre
  • Allowing women to make their own decisions within the limits of law.
  • To state the options for solving the problem, from among which he chooses the option to follow.
  • De-escalating victimized women and helping them maintain self-respect.

One Stop Center Helpline Number

If a woman is experiencing domestic violence anywhere in the state or there is a threat of it, she can call 181 Abhayam Mahila Helpline and get immediate help. A woman victim of violence is also referred for shelter at the ‘Sakhi-One Stop Centre’ in case there is no safe place to stay.

Sakhi One Stop Centre Scheme | સખી વન સ્ટોપ સેન્ટર યોજના

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