Coffee Advantages And Disadvantages

Coffee Advantages And Disadvantages | Espresso is perhaps of the most favored drink on the planet. Many people do not wake up without coffee in the morning, so some people need to drink coffee to stay energetic during work. Are you too fond of coffee, so how many cups of coffee do you drink in a day? One or two, four or five? If this number is increasing for you, then be careful, drinking coffee in excess can be very harmful for health. Many studies show that drinking coffee in moderation can do more harm than good than increasing your intake.

During many studies, scientists show that excessive consumption of coffee can have serious side effects on health. If the amount of caffeine in the body becomes too high, you may also have confusion, vomiting and many other serious problems. Apart from this, it can also cause serious damage to many parts of the body. So before drinking coffee in excess from now on, know about the harm caused by it so that you can stay safe from them.

Coffee Advantages And Disadvantages

Drinking too much coffee increases the risk of glaucoma

In a study led by the Icahn School of Medicine at Mouth Sinai, scientists have found that for people who are genetically predisposed to eye diseases, consuming high amounts of caffeine everyday may expand the gamble of glaucoma. In other people, caffeine intake of more than 321 mg per day may increase the risk of glaucoma by up to 3.9 times compared to those who are genetically more prone. According to experts, due to the build-up of a type of fluid (Acquis Humor) inside the eyes, the pressure on the eyes increases. Typically this liquid leaves the eye through a tissue called the trabecular meshwork. The strain in the eye turns out to be high because of overproduction of liquid or impediment during the time spent its exit from the eye. Proven 10 Health Benefits of Garlic

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Too much caffeine can also cause mental diseases

According to the study published in the journal ‘Nutrition Neuroscience’, people should focus on restricting their consumption of coffee. Drinking excessive amounts of coffee can also increase the risk of stroke along with dementia. The scientists conducted this study on 17,702 participants aged 37 to 73 years. Of these, 53 percent of the participants were found to have a higher risk of dementia, these people had more than 6 cups of coffee a day. Scientists say that to avoid such problems, all people should consume coffee in small quantities daily.

Can also affect fertility

offee might be a superior method for conquering weakness brought about by day to day work, however consuming a lot of it is unsafe. Be cautious on the off chance that you drink three to four cups of espresso daily, it can influence your ripeness. Most authorities on the matter would agree, unreasonable utilization of espresso can hinder sperm creation. The ramifications for ladies are much more critical. Extreme utilization of espresso can likewise twofold the gamble of unsuccessful labor.

There is no harm in drinking how much amount of coffee

The Food and Drug Administration recommends consuming 400 mg of caffeine a day is considered safe for most healthy adults. This is equivalent to two to three cups of coffee or two energy drinks. Keep in mind that the amount of caffeine in each beverage can vary, so keep that in mind. At the same time, according to the US Food and Drug Administration, just one teaspoon of powdered caffeine can be equivalent to about 28 cups of coffee. Such high levels of caffeine can cause serious health problems and possibly even death. 9 Surprising Health Benefits of Potato Peels

Coffee Advantages And Disadvantages

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