Lampi Virus Cow Treatment Gujarati

Lampi Virus Cow Treatment Gujarati | Hello friends now we know that there is a disease called Lumpyvirus which is a big virus which is spreading very much in cattle and many animals including cows have died. Jai Gaumata friends cow is our mother cow. There are 33 crore gods inside so why can you see friends cows dying do you want to save friends cows now a virus called Lumpy is raging in these cows yes the virus is spreading in cows usually through vectors like mosquitos flies etc. Talking about the symptoms of the disease, sores like big tumors are seen on the body of the cattle, then they get fever, then they get swelling in the legs, body fights, the lymph glands also get swollen, and then the secretions start coming out from the nose and eyes due to this disease. Milk production decreases and some cows may even die.

Lampi Virus Cow Treatment

Know home remedies to avoid Lumpy virus:

If friend Lumpy is a type of virus, no specific medicine has been found yet, but experts say that we have already made a native remedy, but since this virus is spread by mosquitoes and flies, boil neem leaves in water and sprinkle them on infected animals. Keep fumigating with google and neem leaves so that flies don’t sit on it and viral transfer doesn’t happen and if any animal shows symptoms, isolate it immediately or keep it in a net so that it doesn’t spread to other animals. Disease is a virus. Alzheimer’s disease: Symptoms, Stages, Causes and Treatments

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Know a native remedy Take 50 gm of turmeric Take 50 gm of black pepper Take 50 gm of powdered pepper Ghee and mix it with 50 gm of sugar Make small ladles and keep feeding the cow during the day Then if there is more infection, keep spraying there

Friends, the next day this treatment will start working very fast. In this treatment, put one kg of jaggery in 10 liters of water and add 200 grams of twisted 200 grams of ghee, 250 grams of black pepper powder, add 50 grams of turmeric, boil the water and then when it cools down, give one animal one daily. Drink liters of water until this virus is overcome Keep drinking until this virus is overcome Continue to use this water until this virus is overcome. Monkeypox: Signs and Symptoms in India.

Lampi Virus Cow Treatment Gujarati

Friends, the third remedy is to take 10 pieces of nagarvel leaves, 10 to 15 grams of black pepper, take some sindhaya, take some jaggery and make small laddus and keep feeding the cow. Then lastly there is another remedy which you may have seen around you called tola plant which is very popular in north gujarat and kutch extract the juice of this tohda and give 200 grams of it in one liter of water with some amount of water to the cows daily it also gives good results. So wherever you find the name plant it is very useful for cow and it gives 100 percent result.

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