The Disadvantages of Drinking Energy Drinks

The Disadvantages of Drinking Energy Drinks | Energy drinks are seen as a way to increase alertness and energy levels. It contains high amounts of caffeine and contains as much or more sugar than soda.

According to media reports, an American man had to be hospitalized after drinking 12 cans of energy drink in 10 minutes. It was said that the 36-year-old’s pancreas started digesting itself due to the high amount of sugar, caffeine and chemicals in the drink.

When his health worsened, he was admitted to the hospital. However, energy drinks are sometimes considered sports beverages. When it differs from that.

The Disadvantages of Drinking Energy Drinks

Soda has more sugar

These drinks are promoted as increasing alertness and energy levels. They are high in caffeine and have as much or more sugar than soda. Many energy drinks contain about 200 milligrams of caffeine, about the same as two cups of coffee.

Aggressive marketing of energy drinks

The most worrying thing is the lack of regulation regarding the safety of this drink. Also they are aggressively marketed to attract the youth. According to one report, in 2007, 1,145 children between the ages of 12 and 17 were admitted to the emergency ward due to energy drinks. In 2011, this number increased to 1,499.

Long term risk

The expert said that energy drinks are full of sugar, “which can harm the health of a player’s teeth”. He added, “The sugar present in these drinks can erode tooth enamel. This can lead to problems like cavities and hypersensitivity.”

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He said that long-term use can also affect the body’s metabolism, which can imbalance cholesterol levels.

The Disadvantages of Drinking Energy Drinks

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