UPSC Important Interview Questions

Hello Aspirants, are you preparing for union public service commission’s various examinations like IAS IPS IFS IRS. well then there will be and great news for you as a part of UPSC interview we are going to start up important questions related to UPSC interview questions. In this post we will show you important questions.

upsc/ifs examinations is one of the thoughest examinations. one should have to prepare well to crack this type of examinations. Deep and thoroughly knowledge regarding the upsc is needed. through this type of posts we are awareing the students about how to prepare for ias interview.

Upsc Most Important Questions :

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as a part of UPSC most important questions interview series we will ask you one of important questions or even called it a puzzle or quiz to the students. Keep in mind if you are preparing for various Central Government examinations then you might feel some energetic and some different things to enjoy our blog we will ask you one questions and you have to give a answer on below comment box.

Upsc Questions

one ladies Goes To akirana Store to purchase goods of worth rs 200 Rupees. She give him rs 2000 note. Shopkeeper hasn’t any change so they goes to his neighbour and take change of 2000 rupees then after he put rs 200 in his show and written back 1800 to that ladies. After while neighbour comes to a shopkeeper and ask him to return back his 2000 rupees note by saying that the 2000 rupees note they have given to him were duplicate. So howmany ruppees loss a shop keeper had to bear ?

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Answer :

the correct answer is 4000 as 2000 taken by neighbour 1800 taken back by customer. And 200 rs worth goods taken by customer

so 2000+1800+200 =4000 loss

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