Why is Sunday a Holiday in India, Who Started it?

How Sunday holiday started in India

Why is Sunday a Holiday in India, Who Started it?: When India was under British rule, Indian mill workers had to work hard all seven days a week. They didn’t get any leave or any kind of leave to rest. British officials and workers went to church every Sunday and prayed for them, while there was no such tradition for Indian mill workers. At that time, Narayan Meghaji was the leader of the Lokhande Mill Workers, he proposed a weekly holiday against the British. He said, “After six days of hard work, workers should get one day to serve their country and society. Sunday is the day of the Hindu deity ‘Khandoba’. Therefore, Sunday should be declared a holiday. But British officials rejected his offer.

Iron did not accept defeat, he continued his struggle. After 7 years of long struggle, on June 10, 1890, the British government declared Sunday as Sunday. Surprisingly, the Indian government has never issued any orders regarding this holiday.


How did Sunday become a holiday? And who gave Sunday leave

When India was ruled by the British. Back then, it was very difficult for mill workers to work seven days a week. The laborers did not get a single day off to rest. Whereas, the English officers went to church every Sunday and attended the Sunday Mass to worship the Lord. Back then, no such time was given to Indian laborers.

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Narayan Meghji Lokhande, the leader of the Mill Union at the time, had proposed to the British authorities for a week’s leave. In his introduction, he said that after 6 days of hard work, laborers should be given one day off for their housework, social work as well as rest. Whereas, on Sunday, the Hindu divinity has a place with Khanduba. However, the British government rejected the proposal. Lokhande did not give up and continued fighting for 7 consecutive years. Finally, on 10 June 1890, the British government approved the proposal and declared a holiday on Sunday. The funny thing here is that the Indian government has not yet issued any order or notification on the issue of Sunday holiday. In the year 2005, a stamp with a picture of Narayan Meghji Lokhande was also issued by the Government of India.

On which day was the first holiday taken in India?

When the Mughals came to India, Sunday was not a holiday. But Friday was a public holiday during the Mughal rule. The importance of going to the mosque and praying on Friday is to be important for Muslims. Due to which Friday was a public holiday in India during the Mughal rule.

The history of the countries where Christianity is predominant?

Sunday was a public holiday in Britain in 1843. According to Christians, God took 6 days to create the world and rested on the 7th day. Which is why people also take a holiday on Sunday.

Many Muslim countries do not have a Sunday holiday inside!

The International Organization for Human Rights (ISO) declared Sunday a holiday in 1986. The ISO announced that Sunday would be considered a holiday around the world. That day will not create pressure to work. However, the decision has not yet been made in Muslim countries around the world, such as the UAE and Saudi Arabia, and there is no holiday on Sundays.

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These countries do not have a Sunday holiday and this day has a holiday:

  • 1) Thursday: Thursday is a holiday in Israel.
  • 2) Friday: Most Muslim countries including Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, UAE, Iran have a holiday on Friday.
  • 3) Saturday: Saturday is a holiday in Nepal.

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