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Why is the SIM card cut from the corner? | Today everyone has a mobile phone. But have you ever wondered why the SIM card is cut off at one corner? Find out…

  • Everyone has a mobile phone
  • But you don’t know this thing
  • Why is the Mobile Nano Sim and Sim Card is cut from Corner?

The SIM card in the mobile is cut from one side. Have you ever wondered why this is so? You may not have thought but let us tell you that there are many telecom companies all over the world including India. All the SIM cards that make up the SIM card are cut from the side. This was not the case initially when SIM cards came into circulation. It was not side cut.

Even when SIM cards were designed for mobile phones, their shape was very normal and square. Later he was cut from the corner. Find out here the reason behind doing so.

Why is the SIM card cut from the corner?

Why is the Mobile Nano Sim and Sim Card is cut from Corner?

A few years ago there was no cut on the SIM card. But now every SIM card has a diagonal cut at one corner. The reason behind it is that due to installation of square SIM, there was a problem in the mobile. Why dollar Price is Increasing in India? Historical Reasons

Many times the SIM card got stuck in the phone itself. There were also many people who put the SIM upside down in the slot of the mobile and later found it difficult to remove it. Because of this, many times the SIM chip also got damaged. Why is Mahatma Gandhi’s picture printed on the notes?

Hence the changed design

Considering this problem, telecom companies have changed the design of SIM cards. SIM card can be inserted easily with the help of horizontal cut. As the side-cut SIM started coming, it became easier for people to install it in their mobiles. Due to which other telecom companies also had to launch SIM in the same design.

Another thing that very few people would know is that gold is used in our mobile SIM. This keeps it safe. Also used by oxidizing the silver on the SIM.

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Before knowing the answer to this question, know that what is a mobile SIM card? The full form of SIM SIM is Subscriber Identification Module. A SIM card is actually an integrated circuit that runs the card operating system. The International Mobile Subscriber Identity (IMSI) is stored securely in this card. Every subscriber or user who gets a mobile number with a SIM card gets a unique number. The IMSI number and unique number are used to identify the user on the mobile device. Insert this SIM card in the mobile phone or connect it to the computer via WiFi, it recognizes the user.

mobile sim card size

The plan of the portable SIM card is to such an extent that the length is 15 mm, the width is 25 mm and the thickness is 0.76 mm. This is a standard size for all SIM cards. Now let us know why one corner of the mobile card is cut? The way the length, width and thickness of the mobile SIM is fixed, in the same way, one corner of it is also fixed. This design will be found with almost every SIM card.

Why does the sim card get hacked?

To understand this, you have to see the design of the SIM card tray. There is a separate tray in a mobile which can come out. It is fixed in any mobile phone. But the design of both is the same and there is also a corner cut in it. The design of the SIM card and tray is kept the same so that there is no problem in setting up the SIM. One corner of the SIM card is cut so that there is no misalignment of the card in the tray. It is also directly related to the contact of the SIM card and the mobile phone cardholder PIN.

The PIN number 1 of the SIM card must match the PIN number of the mobile phone. To correct this setting, a cut mark is applied for the correct placement of the SIM card in the tray. If there is no cut mark in the SIM card, then it will be difficult to install it in the mobile phone. With this, we will insert the SIM card in the wrong side or way and the SIM card will show disabled.