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Exit Poll Really True? | As soon as the Lok Sabha or Assembly elections are over, the exit poll numbers start coming. Then the exit polls are put before the audience as expected by the media. This increases the curiosity of the audience. So this time the exit poll numbers will be right or wrong?


BJP won 99 seats in 2017 assembly

In the 2017 Gujarat Assembly elections, exit polls were announced by different news channels on their own. Times Now predicted that BJP would win 115 seats while Congress would win 64 seats. While Today Chanakya predicted that BJP will get 135 seats and Congress will get 47 seats in the exit poll. ABP News expected BJP to get 117 seats and Congress to get 64 seats. India Today also expected BJP to get 99 to 113 seats and Congress to get 68 to 82 seats. On the day of counting, the BJP could not even cross the mark of 100 seats. Then in the 2017 elections, BJP won 99 seats and Congress managed to get 77 seats. While the other party won 6 seats.

In the year 2012, BJP won 115 seats

10 years ago in 2012 Gujarat assembly elections, News24 aired an exit poll which projected BJP to win 140 seats breaking all its records and Congress winning only 40 seats. ABP News predicted BJP to win 126 seats and Congress to win 50 seats. At that time, C Voter expected BJP to win 119 to 129 seats and Congress 49 to 59 seats. But when the votes were counted, the Congress won 115 seats and 61 seats.

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BJP failed to form the government in West Bengal

It is very difficult to know what is going on in the minds of voters. So it is not a matter of nanisoo to say which party will win how many seats before the result. There have also been some elections in the past in which the official results have been quite the opposite. Then in the year 2021 West Bengal Assembly elections, most of the assumptions claimed that the BJP would win more than 100 seats. But even in Mamata Banerjee’s stronghold BJP won 77 seats but failed to form the government.

BJP formed a coalition government in Haryana

In the year 2019, several exit polls were also conducted in Haryana assembly elections. In which people expected that BJP will win more than 70 seats. When the official counting was done, BJP won 40 seats and BJP formed the coalition government.

The UPA came to power and Dr. Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister

In the year 2004, the Lok Sabha elections were held under Atal Bihari Bajpayee’s government. At that time, BJP campaigned with the slogan of India Shining. There was an expectation of the people in the election. NDA will come to power and Congress will have to sit in opposition again. But when the Lok Sabha results came, the UPA came to power and Dr. Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister.

After the year 2007, the UPA government began to be accused of scams. Then two years later in 2009 Lok Sabha elections came. It was difficult for the UPA government to win then. After which UPA was expected to get 199 seats, NDA 197 seats. But when the results finally came, UPA got 262 seats, NDA got 159 seats and Dr. Manmohan Singh became the Prime Minister again. Exit polls have been wrong many times.

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Exit Poll Really True?

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