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zombie virus latest news – 13 different types of viruses have been found in the Siberian region of Russia. One of these viruses is 48 thousand 500 years old. Scientists have named all these viruses as ‘zombie viruses’. This name is given because, it survives in such cold conditions even when buried under snow. According to experts, this new virus can prove fatal for us like Corona.


This virus can infect humans and animals

The research was published in the bioRxiv digital library. This research has been done by scientists from Russia, France and Germany. They say that viruses buried in these gills are capable of infecting amoeba microbes. It cannot be said that it is not fatal. Suppressed zombie viruses can escape into the atmosphere and sicken humans and animals.

The oldest virus named Pandoravirus Yedoma

According to scientists, the name of this 48 thousand 500 year old virus is Pandoravirus Yedoma. This is a new record for the age of the frozen virus. Earlier, the age of the virus found in Siberia was recorded as 30 thousand years. It was also alive like the pandoravirus and was able to infect other organisms.

Climate change is causing ice to melt, viruses are emerging

Research has said that glaciers and ice are continuously melting due to climate change and increasing global warming. Due to this, greenhouse gases such as methane, which are buried inside them, are coming out. This causes the climate to change more rapidly. This is a vicious cycle.

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Gradually it is revealing the virus found beneath the ice sheet. Many of these viruses are alive and dangerous even after being buried for centuries. How much they can harm us by exposing the environment remains to be researched.

zombie virus latest news

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