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Exam Preparation is Tough for Working Professionals: Eight Power Tips to Prepare for Competitive Exams with Jobs – Do you know who is the real superman and superwoman of the world?

Yes, these are the people who work and study simultaneously. It is an undeniably challenging errand, not every person can oversee it.

Are you in this situation too? If yes, then today’s Career Funda is for you!

Why two big work together For what reason go about responsibilities need to work with work? There are two reasons: first, financial concerns, and second, dissatisfaction with the job at hand.

If you like the work you are currently doing, you might not think of preparing for competitive exams because the future looks secure and bright. Yes, you can take further education for promotion in your own field, but it is not as boring as preparing for competitive exams, as it is only subject of your field.

Here’s what to keep in mind when managing this tricky balance.

Eight Power Tips for Maintaining Balance

Exam Preparation is Tough for Working Professionals: Eight Power Tips to Prepare for Competitive Exams with Jobs

1) Coordination – The basic mantra is to coordinate in the field of study and work.

A. That is to say, try working in such a field to make money and get ready for competitive exams.
B. For instance, if you are preparing for the SSC and studying math at the same time, teaching math in preparation for the SSC will be helpful. If you are preparing for the civil services, content development, blog writing, and taking notes in various coaching classes will also be helpful. related to preparation that will help you prepare and generate income.

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2) Clarity: Overtime is a common practice in private employment in India.

A. It is preferable to specify to your employer how many hours you can devote to the position (four, six, or eight) if it is not part of your long-term plans.
B. Making this clear makes it easier for employers to decide which tasks to give you.

Time Management

Assume that you have less time to prepare for the exam than other candidates because you are simultaneously working on your exam preparation. For you, planning is very important.

A. To begin, begin preparing as soon as possible and with as much time as possible. That is, you should begin preparing for that exam 16 months, or 12 months, in advance, if other candidates give you 8 months to prepare.
B. After thoroughly reviewing the syllabus and previous year’s exam questions, break up the entire syllabus into manageable chunks and create a weekly schedule. Keep a journal, make a plan for the day.

Be aware of your limitations before beginning any work.

A: It’s good to step outside of your comfort zone, but don’t go too far.
B. Means to take on responsibilities that won’t harm your physical and mental health.
C. Be aware of and considerate of your limits, and avoid overstressing yourself. The damage will be much worse if you get sick.

5) Make smart use of your time

Avoid wasting it on things like television, Facebook, chatting with friends, etc.

A. Also, come up with creative ways to save time, like reading a newspaper in the toilet for 20 to 25 minutes.
B. Additionally, if you go to work, this is a good time to mentally repeat things.
C. Consider two such tasks that can be performed simultaneously, such as operating a washing machine or listening to an audio book. Make the most of holidays and weekends.

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Explore your options

Consider whether working part-time or on weekends can alleviate your financial woes rather than full-time employment. You will have more time to prepare for the exam if you are able to locate such an option.

Get enough rest and put your health first (Health is Wealth)

It’s important to be mentally and physically healthy! Get seven to eight hours of sleep. It will improve your memory, boost your immune system, and help you deal with stress better. Additionally, eat nutritious food varieties over the course of the day to keep your energy up. Yoga or light exercise for 15 to 20 minutes is also beneficial.

Make the most of technology; class notes are required

Try not to type every word. Find your own way to make words and phrases shorter. Purchase a voice recorder so that you can save the voice of the class for later use.

I hope my suggestions will assist you in managing your studies and job.

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