All Full form Online Mcq Test

Are you searching for the full form list ? or mcq questions ? then We have the belo 25 questions which may be helpful for the upcoming all the examinations

Full Form Online Test :

Table of Contents

This test contains 25 Questions related to the full form Of the upcoming examinations topics Which carrys 25 Marks onward to help the students.

Online Test No :25
Subject :Full Form
Total Questions :25
Total Marks :25
Time Required :12 Minutes
Created By

Mehul Chavda, [3/1/2022 10:21 AM]

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2 thoughts on “All Full form Online Mcq Test”

  1. હું એ exam આપી હતી…તેમાં એક સવાલ છે કે GTU નુ full form સુ છે…
    GTU – Gujarat technological University જવાબ છે…
    પણ exam મા એક પણ નહિ એવો option આવ્યો છે…


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