Bharat Ni Bhugol Mcq

By | March 21, 2022

Bharat ni bhugol mcq is one of the important subject for all the gujarat government examinations. In This post We Have Added Several Questions Related to the bharat ni bhugol mcq.

Bharat Ni Bhugol

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India is situated in the northen part to the equator. It is one of the seventh biggest country in the world. With the total Area Of 32,87,263 . India covers up 2.4% of total Earth ‘s Surface. Thi type of General Knowledge facts are far important in the upcoming all the examinations. So It’s Request to the students that keep Enjoying Our Daily online Test Related to the Gujarat Government Examinations.

Online Test No :41
Subject :Bharat Ni Bhugol
Total Marks25
Total Questions :25
Time Required :12 Minutes
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