Gujarat Ni Bhugol Online Test

Geography or gujarat ni bhugol is the main subject of todays online test as a part of mission talati online test. take a note this test is also beneficiary for all the examinations.

starting from the the mountains and rocks from all over gujarat. gujarat have one of the largest costal area. nearly 1600 km long costal are gujarat have also girinar and other mountains are one of the highest ranges of mountains of gujarat.

gujarat ni bhugol

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It is one of the importnt subject and normaly the changes in gujart ni bhugol is very less . as the height of mountains and the stream of mountain scant change easily. from sabarmati to godavari there are as many as 30 rivers are there in gujarat. in this test we have added several 25 questions related to gujart ni bhugol. all carry 25 marks. will require 12 minutes.

Online Test no :86
Subject :Gujarat Ni bhugol
Total Marks :25
Total Questions :25
Time Required :12 minutes
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