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Are you searching the gujarati grammar mcq questions online ? Then we are havinf certain 25 Questions Related to gujarati grammar are uploaded here.

Gujarati Grammer Mcq

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Gujarati Grammar is an one of the important subjects For the all gujarat government based examinations. Normally in talati Examinations , Weightage of gujarati grammar increases as many questions were asked in this type of examinations. Questions Related to samas, chand , jodani, samanarthi, virudharthi, alankar, And many topics are most important for examinations.

Online Test No :43
Subject :Gujarati Grammar
Total Questions :25
Total Marks :25
Time Required :12 Minutes
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  1. Aama અમુક answer mara સાચા છે છતાં ખોટા કર્યા છે please te sarakhu karo

  2. Apni aajni test ma chand na bandharan no je prashna hato te pruthvi chand no 6e pan tame ans ma mandakranta chand apyu che to plzz sacho ans su 6e jannavva vinanti…


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