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Gujarati Sahitya :

Gujarati Sahitya means literature composed in Gujarati language by people living in Gujarat and of Gujarati origin. The history of Gujarati language dates back to about AD. Can be traced back to the year 1000. Gujarati language developed from the Apabhramsa language spoken in various dialects all over India. Its peculiarity is that literature developed even though it did not have the support of any ruler except its author. Due to the development of commerce and trade in Gujarat, the predominance of Hinduism and Jainism, and the formation of a safe society by rulers like Maharaj Siddharraj Jaysingh, the Chalukya dynasty (Solanki dynasty) and the Vaghela Rajputs, a great deal of literature was created in the 11th century. Over time, that literature came into the mainstream and became accepted and popular among the people of Gujarat.

Over time, general rules regarding creations and literary genres were formulated and created in Gujarati literature. The literature established today is disseminated through literary organizations like Gujarat Vidya Sabha, Gujarati Sahitya Sabha, Gujarat Sahitya Akademi, Gujarati Sahitya Parishad.

Gujarati Sahitya Quiz :

In this subject of Gujarati sahitya we have added 25 Questions related to sahitya of Gujarat. Total Questions Count In This Test Are 25. Total Marks count In this test are 25. And Time Requiredis just 12 minutes.

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Onine Test No.:19
Subject :Gujarati Sahitya
Total Marks :25
Total Questions :25
Time Required :12 minutes
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