Panchayati Raj Gujarat Online Test

Panchayati Raj Online Test : in this post we have added pnachayati raj system online test carrying 25 marks and 25 questions. The test level of this examinations are medium. As a part of the mission talati exam. This is the 5 the test which we are going to take. So lets fill up the panchayati raj online test.

Panchayati Raj :

Panchayati raj system in gujarat was came effective 23/04/1963. under the gujarat panchayat act. 1961. The main Aims of panchayati raj it to decentralize the power in to villages. there after many commitees were formed to regulate and to update the main core of panchayati raj system. like l.m.sanghavi commitee,ashok mahetaa committe, and many more.

Here in this post we are going to study the panchayati raj system online test, this test is specially design for the upcoming talati examinations. in this test a normal questions were asked related to the work and powers of jilla vikas adhikari,taluka vikas adhikari,talati cum mantri, The detailed things of talati examinations were given below.

Panchayati Raj Online Test :

Online Test No.:5
Sujbect :Panchayati Raj System
Total Questions :25
Total Marks :25
Total Time Required :15 Minutes
Test Level :Medium
Test Created By

so Lets Start the Panchayati Raj Online Test :

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