Best 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone's Battery Life -

Best 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Best 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life | If your phone’s battery is draining fast, then pay special attention to these things, simple settings changes and such things will save your phone’s battery.

  • Phone batteries usually last well for 2 years
  • Always close the background app of the phone
  • Usually don’t charge the phone overnight

Now a days mobile phone has become a part of man, now it is difficult to imagine life without phone. Nowadays everyone spends most of their time using the phone. Nowadays mobile phones are not only becoming a tool for entertainment but also many people use them for study or to get knowledge of some other things and learn something.

Boost Mobile Battery Life

Good performance for 2 years

In such a situation, if the battery life of the phone gets reduced, the problem can get worse. It is normal for phone battery life to decrease with the passage of time. However all smartphones last well for about 2 years. It is a matter of concern if the phone is having battery life issues before these 2 years. But this problem is solved. Today we are going to tell you some solutions that can improve the phone’s battery life. View AI Presented Last Selfie on Earth.

Best 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life

Keep background apps closed

It often happens that after opening an app in the phone, you forget to close it. Because of this, they are left exposed in the background. Those apps keep running even in the background and drain the phone’s battery quickly. Therefore, it is necessary to close the application after using it. Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover.

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Turn off the phone’s Bluetooth and location

Bluetooth and location are always on in the phone. It is very important for phone users to turn off GPS after using it, as GPS drains the phone’s battery quickly. Also, it is better to turn off Bluetooth after using it. Many times users forget to turn it off after using it. Due to this, the battery of the phone starts draining immediately.

Do not leave the phone charging overnight

Mobile phone users leave the phone charging overnight to save time. Doing this ceaselessly consistently influences the battery of the telephone. Because of which the battery of the telephone depletes rapidly.

So make sure that you don’t leave the phone on charge overnight or use the phone with charge.

Always turn off Always On Display

Smartphones have such features, so that the display of the phone can always be kept on. Obviously if the phone’s display is on all the time it will affect the phone’s battery and the phone will not last long. So it is smarter to keep this component off.

Do not use live wallpaper

Many times users install live wallpaper on phone. The phone remains active whenever it is in use. This is also one of the reasons why the battery of the phone decreases quickly. If the battery life of the phone is to be increased then the use of live wallpaper should be avoided.


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