Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover

Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover : Nowadays everyone will be using a smartphone, and at the same time there will be a lot of people with the cover, the cover you use can reduce the performance of your phone.


Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover

Many people use a back cover for the protection of the smartphone. Although its use protects the phone, but the cover itself can damage the phone in many ways. You might be considering how utilizing the cover can harm the telephone? But long term cover can cause many problems in your phone. The reason most people use the cover is just the protection of the phone, but what would you do if the cause of the disturbance in your phone became a protector? Let’s find out today how a smartphone cover spoils your phone.

No heat

Let us understand this with an example. As such, in winter we use blankets to keep ourselves warm, but in summer we do not. Because we are already feeling the heat. In the same way smartphones also generate heat due to everyone’s function. Since the mobile cover is made of hard plastic or rubber, it does not allow heat to escape easily. This makes your phone’s performance seem slow.

How Performance Affects

Heat escapes from the processor whenever the smartphone works small or large. This heat does not escape easily due to the cover, so the processor slows down the performance. So that the phone can retain heat.

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Charging speed is also affected

If you charge the smartphones with a cover, their charging speed will also slow down. The reason for this is performance. When the heat does not come out properly, the phone slows down the charging speed so that there is no more pressure on the battery.

Heat escapes from the screen

As the cover is made of rubber or hard plastic, heat does not come out easily. On the other hand your phone’s screen cover can easily dissipate heat. In this case, the heat of the phone comes out of the screen, which is not a good thing for your mobile.

The impact falls on the network

Network means connectivity. Since the cover covers most of the phone’s sensors, there are many problems with network reception and connectivity. For better connectivity, you should remove the phone cover.

Many features do not work properly

Many features like wireless charging, NFC, tape to pay and compass do not work properly due to the cover of your smartphone. Because the sensor that is needed for this feature to work, you have covered it with a cover.

The phone is damaged

The case or cover causes dust to accumulate in many places in your phone. This often causes the phone to scratch and sometimes even blocks the charging and other ports. At the same time the weight of the handset also increases due to the cover. In that case, it would be better if you use it without cover.

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