Gram Panchayat work report online Gujarat

Gram Panchayat work report online Gujarat: Check Gram Panchayat Work Report Online Today we are going to show you a link to a government website ( where you can make a significant contribution to the development of your village, your street and our country. Here you can see how much money the Government of India has paid for the construction of our village. (This data is completely standardized) If you find any irregularity, you can send your complaint to the public at the center.


Gram Panchayat Work Report

Now we all need to wake up and others need to do the same. All the information is currently available online on the government website. We just need to read and know it. If only 5-6 people in each village share this information with their villagers, 70% corruption will be reduced. You can check your villae

So we request you to see the need to work in your village from 2015-16 to 2021-22 and try to send this link to every village in the country so that the people of the village can get their rights. Recently Gujarat Government has declared new BPL List you can check your name from BPL List.

How to Check Gram Panchayat Work Report?

  • Step 1. visit this link:
  • Step 2. Select the plan year
  • Step 3. Fill in the captcha answer
  • Step 4. You will see the Plan Year: 2020-2021 State Name District Panchayat and Equivalent Block Panchayat and Equivalent Gram Panchayat and Equivalent List
  • Step 5. After selecting the state, you will be given an option named Select Gram Panchayat.
  • Step 6. Then you click on GET REPORT.
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Here you can see the report of how much money has come from the government in your village/village/ward so far and how much work your Sarpanch, your board members have done. And you can get complete information about how much rupees the government has taken.

Gram Panchayat work report online Gujarat

  • Click here to Gram Panchayat work report online Gujarat

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