Is Your Phone Call Being Secretly Recorded? Check It Using This Method -

Is Your Phone Call Being Secretly Recorded? Check It Using This Method

Is Your Phone Call Being Secretly Recorded? Check It Using This Method | Do you think someone is secretly recording your call? You can get its information very easily. For which you don’t need to do any rocket science.

  • Is your call being recorded?
  • This is how to get call recording information
  • If such a sound is heard during the call, the call is being recorded
Phone Call Record Check

Is your phone call being recorded or not?

Just by showing some activity you will know whether your phone call is being recorded or not. Google has banned call recording apps this year. If you have been using Google Dialer, you may have thought about it. Earlier, while dialing any number, we used to get an option of call recording. After removing the call recording feature from Google Dialer, many other companies have also removed this feature from their platforms.

Get call recording information in this way

When someone records your call, you get several signals. With the help of this signal you can get the call recording information. In most cases people don’t pay attention to these hints.

Is Your Phone Call Being Secretly Recorded? Check It Using This Method

Beep sound is the signal

Covertly recording calls is illegal in most countries. This is the reason why most mobile phone manufacturers add a beep sound to the handset. Because of this, when someone records your call, a beep sound is heard. If this kind of sound comes on your phone during a call, then understand that your call is being recorded. This feature is not available in all phones. So cannot depend on it completely. If you use Mobile Back cover for your smartphone, then this is for you, Check Disadvantages of Mobile Back Cover from Here.

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A single beep is also a signal

Sometimes there is a single beep sound while recording the call. In this case, as your call connects, a long beep sound is heard. This sound is nothing but recording activation. This signal feature is available in phones.

Follow these steps to record a call with Call Recorder Cube ACR

To record calls with Call Recorder Cube ACR, you need to follow a few stages. You, most importantly, need to download this application from google play store. Once the application is introduced on your cell phone, go to the telephone’s settings, empower the application connector for this application in the ‘Availability’ choice. After giving the necessary permissions, you have to turn on the WhatsApp calls option. After this you can easily record your WhatsApp calls. If you want, you can record the call either through auto-recording or manually. Best 5 Tips to Boost Your Android Phone’s Battery Life.

How to Record a Call on WhatsApp

For data, let us let you know that there is no authority way or element accessible to record approaches WhatsApp. You have to resort to a third party app to record calls on this chatting platform. Despite the fact that there are numerous applications accessible to record WhatsApp calls, however today we will enlighten you concerning Call Recorder Cube ACR, with the assistance of this application you can record calls without any problem.


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