Passport Seva Login Registration Online

Passport Seva Login Registration Online : With the advent of digitization, registration for a passport has become quite a seamless process. The Ministry of Current Affairs has now made all passport applications online. On the off chance that you are wanting to travel to another country and have not yet made an identification, you can undoubtedly apply for a visa on the web. Your passport will be ready at home in 15 to 20 days. The video below explains you the entire process from online application for passport to delivery. This will save you time and cost the agent. So how can you apply for passport at home, what details need to be provided for this process.


Steps to Apply Online for Indian Passport

Log in to the Passport Seva Portal

  • Visit (official passport website) and click on “Apply” bar.
  • Assuming you are a current client, sign in utilizing your client ID and secret phrase.
  • If you are a new user, register yourself and create an account. For this, click on “Register Now” option under “New User” tab.

Select your application type

Once you log in, you have to select your application type from the services provided. Here, you can apply for:

  • Official Passport/Diplomatic Passport
  • New Passport/Passport Reissue
  • Identity Certificate
  • Police Clearance Certificate

Fill the passport online application form carefully

You can fill the application structure both on the web and disconnected. To fill the passport online application form, click on the link provided for your application type. Here, fill all the required details in the form and upload it. Similarly, you can download the soft copy and submit the form offline. Be sure to check your form before submitting it by any means.

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Make payment and book appointment

After submitting your form, you can schedule an appointment at your nearest passport center. You can book an appointment with the concerned passport authority by following these steps:

  • Go to landing page and snap on “View Saved/Submitted Applications”. Here, you will be directed to the details of the submitted applications.
  • Select the Application Reference Number (arn) from your submitted form. Then, click on the ‘Pay and Schedule Appointment’ choice.
  • Select Passport Service Center based on availability of dates. At that time, make sure to select a convenient slot so as not to miss the appointment anyway.
  • Click on ‘Pay and Book Appointment’. Choose from two accepted modes of payment – ​​online payment and challan payment. If you opt for currency payment, you should pay in SBI (State Bank of India branch) currency and cash.
  • After verification the successful online passport application fee paid will be displayed on the website. By tracking your payment status, you can book an appointment at the passport service center of your choice. If you go for online payment, you will be redirected to the payment gateway.
  • After successful completion of payment, you will receive a confirmation SMS giving your appointment details.

How to check passport status?

You can check your passport status online by following few simple steps:

  • Visit the site and snap on the ‘Track your application status’ bar.
  • Select your application type from the drop-down menu listed.
  • Now enter your passport file number (15-digit number received after submitting passport application). Next, enter your date of birth in the prescribed format and click on the ‘Track Status’ tab then the current status of your passport application will be displayed on the screen.
  • Apart from this, you can also download the mPassport service app to track your passport status. By registering on the app, you can also access real-time updates on your application status. And well, it makes passport application tracking a more seamless process for you.
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Passport Police Verification

Police Verification (PVC) marks a critical security measure regarding the passport issuance process. As per the existing rules, applications applying for a new passport or re-issuance call for police verification. There are primarily three modes of police verification:

  • Pre-police verification (before issuance of passport): It is done after submission of application form (with all necessary documents, attachments, etc.) but before approval of application.
  • After Police Verification (After Passport Issuance): It is done in certain cases where a passport has already been issued to the applicant, and the verification is done after that.
  • No Police Verification: It is applicable for fresh passport applications where the passport office deems police verification unnecessary.

Checking police verification status for passport

Once the police verification process is completed, the police issues different statuses based on their observations. Following are the types of verification statuses you will need for your PVC application:

  • Clean: It indicates that the applicant has a clear criminal record and no cause for concern has been found by the authorities.
  • Adverse: It shows that the police during their verification, found some contradictions in the information submitted by the applicant. This may be because the applicant has submitted a wrong address. or a criminal case pending in court against the applicant. Passport can be stopped or canceled for any reason.
  • Incomplete: It indicates that during the verification process, the police has seen incomplete documents from the applicant. Hence, due to lack of adequate information the verification process is stopped midway.

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Passport Seva Login Registration Online

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