PUC Certificate online apply Gujarat

PUC Certificate online apply Gujarat: Today we will talk about how to download PUC certificate online. We realize that the quantity of vehicles has expanded a ton lately. And when we step out of the house the police stop us and ask for our vehicle documents. We have other documents but we don’t have puc certificate.

If we don’t have PUC certificate, we have to pay fine to the police. So today we will discuss how you can download PUC endorsement from your portable at home.

Different rules have been made regarding the Vehicle Transaction Act in our country. Along with driving, we also have a responsibility to protect the environment, the vehicle we drive does not harm the environment and as per the vehicle act we must carry a PUC i.e. pollution controlled certificate. And if you don’t have your PUC certificate, you can be fined

If you can download puc certificate from mobile without any documents at home then let us explain you step by step.


What is PUC Certification?

The full type of PUC is Pollution Under Control. It is called pollution certificate. A pollution certificate is a certificate issued by the government. Pollution certificate is issued only after checking the vehicle. Failure to do so can attract a fine of Rs 10,000.

After the implementation of the Motor Vehicle Act 2019, thorough action has been taken against the violators of traffic rules. If you own a vehicle and don’t have its PUC, you may have to pay a fine of up to Rs 10000.

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The PUC certificate is valid only for a certain period of time, for BS4 vehicles it is valid for 1 year while for other vehicles it is valid for only 3 months. After PUC check of any vehicle you have to pay only 60 to 100 rupees. Link PAN Card with Aadhar Card Online

How to Download P.U.C Certificate

How to Download PUC You can download a soft copy of PUC certificate through the official transport website along with your vehicle registration number and chassis number. Follow the given steps in below.

  • Log on to the official PUC certificate download page from any web browser.
  • It will ask you to enter your registration number, chassis number (last 5 characters) verification code.
  • Note: If you don’t know the chassis number, go to the Find Vehicle Owner Details page to get the chassis number and registration number.
  • After you enter the required information click on PUC details button and you will see your certificate.
  • Just click on print button and save the PUC certificate PDF in your device.

How to get PUC certificate?

To get a PUC certificate for your car or bike, follow the guidelines below:

  • For a new vehicle, the dealer will provide PUCC, which is valid for 1-year, so you don’t need to apply for it.
  • For renewal of pollution certificate, take your car or bike to the nearest emission testing center and get it checked and get the PUC certificate after paying the required fee.
  • Through these two methods, you can get PUC certificate for your car or bike.
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How to Check Active Status of PUC Certificate?

You can check the active status of the PUC certificate by following the steps below:

  • Step 1: Visit the vehicle section of PUC and enter your vehicle’s registration number and chassis number.
  • Step 2: Enter the security code and click on “PUC Details”.
  • Step 3: If your vehicle’s emissions test status is active, you will be directed to a new page that confirms the test readings and validity period. Click on “Print” if you want to download pollution certificate.

PUC Certificate online apply Gujarat

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