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Why students don’t succeed even after joining a good coaching class? | Do you know any student around you, who has spent a lot of money to join coaching, joined the best coaching classes in the city but still didn’t get selected?

Today we will discuss why it happens that many students fail to get selected in their desired exam or institute even after joining the best coaching classes.

Top Four Reasons for Exam Failure (and Solutions)

Pre-existing basic weakness or lack of ability-

Any candidate should understand that competitive exam coaching classes give you any special preparation in limited time.
A. With increasing competition, coaching classes provide more and more services, including separate classes for basic etc.
B. It is still important to understand that such 6 months or 1 year of preparation is not the same as schooling – that is, some things take time to develop.
C. For example, suppose your math is poor from the start, and you
Making very basic mistakes. Then maybe this compensation may not be done in 2 or 3 months of coaching but more time like 1 year (that too with coaching especially in basic maths) can solve this problem. It also takes time to fix already poor English. So where did the mistake go? In understanding your weakness
D. On the other hand- Some students are unable to put in the hard work, discipline, etc. required to succeed in coaching classes as well.

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So first of all evaluate yourself honestly, then slowly start taking necessary steps for your development.

Not being regular in coaching classes

You join coaching to learn something, and there are no regulars, then it is better not to do coaching.

A. In all subjects, topic and concept depend on each other. If you miss some classes in between, it becomes difficult to understand the next topics.
B. Although the facility of recording missed classes is available nowadays, it is fine for one or two classes throughout the course, but more often than not the preparation is fragmented.
C. There may be many reasons for not attending coaching classes regularly like, college or school studies or activities, job or any time not convenient. Classis understands all these problems of students and provides solutions accordingly.
D. For example, the whole batch or some students of the batch are given a break for a few days when there are activities or examinations in school or college, weekend classes are organized for employed students etc.

So for whatever reason you are irregular in coaching, discuss it with the coaching management, most likely you will get a definite solution for it.

Thinking as a customer after depositing fees in coaching classes

This is the most serious and ego related problem.
A. Many students, after paying the fees, treat themselves as customers of the coaching classes and the coaching staff as service providers.
B. If a student has this mindset, he gets stuck on superficial things like why the AC wasn’t on, the water wasn’t cold, why the teachers scolded him for not completing his homework in class, etc.
C. This attitude is good in any other field but it hurts you a lot in the field of education.
D. Coaching classes are happy to provide maximum service, but this makes you a ‘spoon feeder’.

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It is better for you to keep your relationship with the coaching staff as teacher-student, not customer-service provider.

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