How hackers are targeting your phone through Bluetooth -

How hackers are targeting your phone through Bluetooth | If you are also in the habit of leaving your smartphone’s Bluetooth on and using it publicly for device pairing then you need to be careful.

Nowadays every smartphone comes with Bluetooth and many times people even leave it in discovery mode which means anyone can search for your device’s Bluetooth. In such a situation, hackers keep an eye on such features and by doing so, hackers access more data of your device. That means it can prove to be very dangerous in terms of privacy and security.

So if you are also in the habit of turning on your smartphone’s Bluetooth and using it for device pairing, then you need to be careful. However, to avoid it, it is necessary to first know what BlueBugging is. Because of this, the control of your device can fall into the hands of a hacker. Although not only BlueBugging but hackers can access user data using Bluesnarfing and Bluejacking, first we are going to tell you about BlueBugging and how to avoid it.

How hackers are targeting your phone through Bluetooth

What is BlueBugging?

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BlueBugging attack is very dangerous and hackers try to get content by accessing people’s devices and for this the Bluetooth connection is used. Hackers try to steal passwords and other details of users by altering the connection. For this, hackers first access the victim’s device and then install malware on it. With its help, hackers can easily access the victim’s device in the future as well. Hackers spy on users through this malware and its attack is so dangerous that hackers can even listen to the user’s phone conversations and read the messages.

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Stay safe like this

Let’s say that there is a way to protect it, so know that the hacker must be in your range to attack via Bluetooth and this is often found in public places. This attack by hackers has its own limitations but still can cause a lot of damage to users. To avoid this, do not accept any unknown Bluetooth pairs and turn off the device’s Bluetooth when not working. Especially for this hackers take advantage of software flaws and that’s why keep your device and software updated.

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If your device’s Bluetooth is in discover mode, turn it off. And if you’re pairing Bluetooth with devices like audio speakers or earbuds, use a home or private space. Don’t go to crowded place for this work, hackers can target you in crowded place.

How hackers are targeting your phone through Bluetooth

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