A cow in the middle of the toll road may have caused horrific Karnataka ambulance accident, Viral Video

Karnataka Ambulance Accident Video : Painful death of 4 people in the process of saving cow, weak hearted people do not open this video even by mistake….

Many incidents of accidents keep coming to the fore in the country including Gujarat, sometimes accidents are created due to excessive speed, and sometimes even while trying to save animals straying on the road, accidents are created, in which some people lose their lives as well. Currently, a video of one such accident is going viral on social media, in which an ambulance while trying to save a cow overturned and 4 innocent lives were lost.

This incident has come to the fore from the toll gate road near Bindur in Karnataka. In which the ambulance running at full speed to save the life of the patient caused the death of four people including the patient. In fact, an ambulance turned 360 degrees while rescuing a cow at a toll booth in Udupi, Karnataka. Due to which four people, including the patient inside the ambulance, two medical staff and toll employees, died.

कर्नाटक के टोल बूथ पर ​​​​​​​पलटी एम्बुलेंस, 4 की मौत

The video of this accident was captured in the CCTV camera present there. After which its clip is going viral on social media. According to Karnataka Police, this video of the incident is from Udupi district of Karnataka. In which the ambulance carrying the patient to the hospital was stopped at the toll booth while saving the cow. The ambulance was very quick. Seeing the speed of which the toll personnel proceed to remove the barricades placed on the road.

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The personnel remove the barricades, but after that a cow is seen coming in the line of cars. To save him, the driver suddenly presses the brakes of the ambulance, but due to the water spread on the road, the ambulance turns 360 degrees. The patients and medical staff sitting inside there get pushed out. According to the available information, the patient, medical staff and toll worker died in this incident.

A hair-raising video of an accident of a speeding ambulance has surfaced on Wednesday at a toll gate in Udupi district of Karnataka. 4 people died in this accident in Bindur area of ​​Udupi. These include an ambulance rider patient, 2 medical staff and a toll employee. Whereas, the driver is injured.

Understand the whole matter…

According to police, the ambulance was taking a patient to Honnavara in Uttara Kannada district for treatment. Stoppers were installed at two places in the lane just before a toll block of the National Highway located in Byndur area. Seeing the ambulance coming at high speed, the toll security personnel ran to remove the stopper in the first line. He had also removed the stopper. Immediately after this, another stopper was placed on the road, which was removed by another security personnel.

The ambulance would have passed safely, but something else was acceptable to Honi. Suddenly a cow came on the road. To save it, the driver hit the brakes suddenly and the ambulance skidded due to the water lying on the road and turned around 360 degrees.

As soon as the ambulance spun uncontrollably, its door opened and the patients and medical staff sitting behind jumped in the air and fell on the road. After this the ambulance collided with the cabin built on the toll booth. During this, the employee who removed the second stopper and the staff present inside the toll booth also came under the grip of the ambulance.

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Karnataka Ambulance Accident Video 

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