Ambaji LIVE Aarti Today

Ambaji LIVE Aarti Today | The temple of Amba in Jagat Janani has been closed for the darshan of devotees due to the fear of Corona Virus. For the first time in history, the Ghat installation and Aarti of Mataji can be watched live by Sri Arasuri Devasthan Trust for millions of devotees from home and abroad.

Ambaji LIVE Aarti

Ambaji temple

According to the saga of Ma Amba Pragataya, Prajapati Daksha organized a Mahayagna named Bridaspati Sak. Daksha invited all the gods. But he did not call his son-in-law Bhagwan Shankar. Hearing the news that her father was performing a yajna there, despite Lord Shankar’s opposition, Sati Devi reached her father’s place. While inviting Lord Shiva to the great yajna held there by his father and hearing the condemnation of his husband from his father’s mouth, he fell down in the Yajna Kund and gave up his life. Lord Shiva observed the unconscious body of Sati Devi. And lifting the body on the shoulders, the three began to roam around. Fearing that the entire creation would be destroyed, Lord Vishnu split Sati’s body with his wheel and threw it on the earth. Sati’s body parts and ornaments fell on fifty-two places. At this place, one Shakti and one Bhairava took small forms and settled down. Tantra Chudamani mentions these two Mahapithas. One of these Shaktipeeth is considered to belong to Arasur Ambaji. It is believed that part of Mataji’s heart fell in Arasur.

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Significance of Ambaji Temple

Seeing the dead collection of Devi Sati, Lord Shiva loved Tandava and lifted the assemblage of Goddess Sati on his shoulders and began meandering around the three universes. Expecting that the whole creation would be obliterated, Lord Vishnu left his haggle the assemblage of Goddess Sati into pieces.

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Significance of Ambaji Mandir Puja

In the Ambaji sanctuary, not the symbol of Mataji is loved however the Visayantra. The embellishment of the visayantra is organized with the crown and chunddi so that it has all the earmarks of being the icon of Arudha Mataji on the ride. This Yantra is made of unadulterated gold. As indicated by one conviction this is Sriyantra. This yantra is made of gold with a kurma bloom, which is accepted to be related with the first yantra of the Shaktipeeths of Ujjain and Nepal. Shriyantra is loved in the scriptural way in these Shaktipeeths.

As it is prohibited to look with the eyes in the spot of Mataji’s yantra, the minister additionally reveres the yantra blindfolded. An exceptional love of Visayantra is finished on each Sud eighth. On the eighth day of Navratri, love of Veesyantra alongside Havan Yajna is of unique significance.

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Ambaji sanctuary adornment

Mataji is revered three times each day. Different garments and decorations are worn every one of the multiple times. Through this Sringar, the basic power Ma Amba is communicated in its silly structure in the first part of the day, in its energetic structure in the early afternoon and in its experienced structure at night. Additionally, Mataji’s vehicles are likewise unique as per the day. In which Sunday-Tiger, Monday-Nandi, Tuesday-Lion, Wednesday-High-tusked elephant (Airavat), Thursday-Eagle, Friday-Swan and Saturday-Low-tusked elephant (Airavat) are loved as the vehicle of Mother. By and large Mataji’s Aarti It is done two times per day morning and night. In any case, during Akhatrij to Ashadha Sud Bija, Mataji’s aarti is performed multiple times day to day in the first part of the day, evening and night. So on the fair long periods of Bhadravi Poonam, the Aarti darshan time is expanded so the pioneers can exploit Aarti.

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Ambaji LIVE Aarti Today

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