Germany Aquarium Burst Video -

Germany Aquarium Burst Video

Germany Aquarium Burst Video – A famous aquarium at the Radisson Blu hotel in the German capital, Berlin, collapsed on Friday. The incident took place at 5:45 am. The aquarium was so big that millions of liters of water spilled onto the hotel and the road after it collapsed. A team of 100 people from emergency services immediately reached the spot after getting information about the incident.

According to a media report, 2,64,172 gallons of water spilled around the Aquadome in Berlin’s Mitta district when it exploded. Officials said there were 1,500 fish in the aquarium, which had spread to the hotel.

Germany Aquarium Burst Video

Two people were injured in this incident

The height of the Aquadome Aquarium was 15.85 meters, making it the largest cylindrical aquarium in the world. Two people were also injured due to falling pieces of glass due to the breaking of the aquarium. Berlin police said it was a major loss. The cause of the accident is being investigated. For this, expert advice will also be considered.. Most of the people have been evacuated from the hotel after this incident.

An earthquake like event happened.

A guest present at the hotel said that the explosion in the aquarium felt like an earthquake. A person in charge of hotel management said that 1500 fish died on the spot. While efforts are being made to save the fishes kept in small aquarium tanks. Berlin Mayor Franziska Ziff said the good thing was that no one was present when the aquarium exploded in the early hours of the morning. Had this incident happened at any other time, many people would have lost their lives. Around 350 people were present in the hotel when the incident took place.

Repairs were done in 2020

The aquarium was renovated in the year 2020. Meanwhile all the tanks were cleaned. All the fish were kept in an aquarium located in the basement of the hotel while the tank was being repaired. A glass elevator was also installed near the aquarium, so that people could have a closer look. It has also been closed after this incident.

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Germany Aquarium Burst Video

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