Last Selfie on Earth AI -

Last Selfie on Earth AI

Last Selfie on Earth AI : Artificial intelligence image generator DALL-E 2 has predicted what the ‘last selfie’ will look like on Earth. These AI-generated ‘selfies’ show devastation everywhere.

Photos and videos that have gone viral on social media show what could be the last selfie taken by humans on Earth. According to media reports, an artificial intelligence-based image generator called DALL-E 2 has been used by various people to show what the last selfie taken on Earth would look like. Photos and videos shared on Twitter have gone viral.

Last Selfie on Earth AI

The end of mankind

When a Twitter user asked this question to artificial intelligence, the answer he got was scary. The AI ​​showed how humans would pose in front of a burning world and photograph themselves with melted skin, bloodied faces and altered bodies. DALL-E AI believes this will be the last selfie taken at the end of time.

What is this technology?

DALL-E AI, developed by OpenAI, is a new system that can generate a complete picture when given a language description. Ask AI to show Earth’s last selfie. AI predicts the last selfie. Do you know how rainfall is measured? Watch the complete measurement process in this given video below.

Images are generated by AI

According to media reports, the AI ​​created several images in response to a human’s question. Each image shows a person holding a phone in front of their face and the end of the world behind them. Behind are scenes of bombs falling, giant tornadoes and cities on fire, as well as zombies standing amidst the destruction.

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Bombs are falling from the sky

A selfie is an animated image of a man. He slowly turns his head as if his life is flashing before his eyes while bombs are falling from the sky around him. Some random selfies look like zombies with eyes and skin missing.

Last Selfie on Earth AI

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